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so i jus got as close as ive ever been

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i dont kno what it is i feel like a mind numbing feeling i just detach from everything and feel like im not even there even in the presence of others. somehow being not present or jus going through the motions for the last year and a half has driven away most of my friends even when i go see them i jus sit blankley an think with my mind goin a million miles an hour an on the outside jus sittin, i foold my parents into believing that im still in school an have a job i have neither i get some help from them but always come up with an elaborate story to cover rent i barely have enough to eat throughout the month my court fees are out the door i maxd out a credit card a couple years ago and thats coming back to haunt me now my mom doesnt want to give me rent for this month without seeing my id and oassword so she can check my grades herself cuzzz ive een sending her transcripts that ive rigged in paint myself today i got so close i had two bags and a roll of tape lockd in my room an jus sobbd thinknk of what and how everyone would find out what it would be like after i did it relli the closest ive ever been l


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Hi Herbman! :) Welcome to the forums. I really hope you tell the truth to your mom. I say that knowing full well that I hide when things get rough. However, I don't think telling the truth in this case is worse than continuing to live while staying in hiding and feeling guilty or worried. Usually, the outcome isn't as bad as I make it out to be in my mind. Just my two cents. :twocents: You take care of yourself, and it's nice meeting you...Alex
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