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so i just joined...

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by blackthorn1, Oct 12, 2010.

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  1. blackthorn1

    blackthorn1 Member

    maybe i can find someone i can trust whos gone thru tha same stuff i have.
    or is currently. idk. ill just say a ittle about my situation.
    im currently taking sleeping pills to help me sleep. tha onlt problem is, they give me worse nightmares then before i went on them, so i basically stopped sleeping as often. also it says to take 4 pills per day.....

    ive been taking 20 at a time more then once a day.
    i cant stand it these nightmares everytime someone dies or its me idk where else to turn and im really scared im guna end up doing something worse T.T
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Welcome glad your here. You need to stop taking those meds an call your doctor and get something that works okay you need to tell him w hat your doing as you are just going to destroy you liver kidneys etc taking so many drugs try okay call doc get on something works
  3. blackthorn1

    blackthorn1 Member

    maybe im taking so many cuz i wanna go to sleep and not wake up. honestly, i dont know. and i did call my doc, he said nightmares happen. everyday? eff that. ive been humanitys doormat for long enough. theres a reason i joined tha army, nd thats to stand up. nd i cant even stand up to these people? am i really that pathetic? ive had 14 attempts so far, (before i joined) they know i have mental issues. there idea of helping? "thats life. now quit being a pussy". ya kinder gentler army my ass. im so sick of this crap all i wanna do most days is freakin just die. when were at a range sometimes i wanna take my armor off nd run in front of tha shooters. then i come back to tha barracks nd break down every day
  4. kote

    kote Account Closed

    welcome although its under not the best circumstances you will soon see we are a very friendly and understanding bunch.
    as for sleeping, currently im on 11 prescribed pills: initial insomnia, main insomnia and early morning insomnia. and let me say i wake refreshed everytime.
    i used to have nightmares all the time, that maybe something you may need to work through with councelling like i did - i still get the nightmares and we still have to tweek the sleeping meds along with my other meds now and again. but insomnia is the worst, you go to bed and get up feeling like a train wreck and it doesnt get better.
    we are here to support you all the way good or bad days so we have your back whatever the trouble no matter how little it may seem we know if it bothers you its a big deal!!!
    try and find a good dr. and get a good prescription and also mention about the nightmares, if no luck there seek out your own counsellor - i did mine over the internet as im not in my own native speaking country and it really help clean out my dusty old head of the bad stuff and let in the light and i felt so much better - i never beleived in them either as i know myself better than anyone so who can help - all they did was show me the right paths and the right questions to get rid of years of rubbish. money well spent!!!
    goodluck and try and get a good nights sleep. i will be wishing you the best!!!
  5. SuperMoon

    SuperMoon Active Member


    Please tell us what you're going through.
    I'd like to hear your story because I have a feeling you don't have many people you can talk to.
    There are people out there who can understand; it may not seem like it right now b/c of your immediate environment but you found this forum. And so did I. And, it has helped me from feeling so isolated. I think it can help you, too.
    Hang in there. :hugtackles:
  6. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    i, too, had terrible nightmares. mine were of me being a child and being violently raped. i had them every night. sleeping pills didn't help.

    my doc prescribed propanalol for the nightmares. it's used for ptsd. you don't stop dreaming, it just dulls the emotional connect you feel to the dream. you can have the dream but wake up okay.

    google it and see if your doctor will prescribe. it's specifically for nightmares so it might help.


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