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So I'm confused

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I'm confused. I am new here so I apologize.
I want to say exactly how I feel but not sure if it will be deleted so can someone tell me please?
That's what I don't like and it hard about other survivors sites. You can't really say you want to die because it may hurt other people. I don't want to hurt anyone.
Honestly do I want to hurt myself? no, or I wouldn't be here typing away.

I'm just sad and it will never end so not sure what else to do...end it or go on with more sadness?


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Hey mate.

Relax here - take your time and tell us your story.

Don't mention any suicide methods - I mean, we have to do that or else we'd have plans on here that might work.

If you overdosed - just say so - and if you cut - just say so.

If you feel like dying - welcome, so do I and don't mind saying so!

Thanks bro.


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Typing it out works wonders. At least it did for me.

We want to help you see things you might not see. We can't stop you, we wont scold you, we just want to hear you. We'll aknowledge your situation, and give you positive feedback. Believe me, this forum cares.

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Hi hun talk to us okay we are all here and we do understand What has brought on all this sadness for you. I think if you can hun talk to your doctor okay get on some medication it does help on to decrease the sadness hugs
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