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so im depressed...

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Depending on where you live, I'd check the phone book for mental health agencies and see if they offer services based on income - the less income, the lower the charges. Counseling and medication has helped me a lot. It's worth a try. If there's a suicide hotline in your area that could be a place to call for a reference as to where you could get help. PLease try it.:smile:



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I think the very first step is talk to your parents and/closest people around you. Then the next step is too see GP. Tell them in general how you feel. She will probably start you on some medication, and possibly refer you to a therapist/councellor/psych.
It is so important that you reach out and let someone know how you are feeling. Seek help as soon as you can so you don't sink to levels that it is difficult to come back up. You have made the first step in asking for help here. Now ask those around you in real life that have the power to do things beyond the support we can offer here. Let us know how things progress for you and keep posting. Take care. :hug:
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