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So I'm doomed?

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The government actually considers addiction an actual disease. I never understood why until I went into residential treatment and went to drug counseling.

The drug counselor said that addicts have a dopamine deficiency. From what I've been told cold cut and true there is no cure for this deficiency there's only management through sheer will power.

So essentially I'm doomed to be unhappy just because the receptors in my brain aren't pedalling out enough dopamine which is the bio chemical that basically causes happiness.


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That is a very limited view of addiction, and there are many more factors influencing the condition...ones you can change...please do not give up hope and treat yourself well..that is more crucial to recovery than whether your brain chemistry can be changed...all the best and big hugs, J


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Your drug counselor is very narrowsighted. I can imagine how scary this is for you.

You are not doomed.

I used to be hooked on vicodin. It's not easy, and is a day to day battle, but you can overcome your dependence on drugs. It'll be ok. It's not that there is any one thing that causes our downfall. That comes through a series of bad decisions.

To write you off as someone that cannot come to grips with their addiction through a chemical that floats around iun your brain, is setting you up for failure.
if you google neuroplasticity you will learn how the brain constantly develops new pathways based on things like cbt and psychotherapy. you can retrain your brain and boost up those dopamine receptors. true fact.
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