So I'm leaving and I just found out...

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  1. DrivEthermissIon

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    It was all a lie. I just read a message from her and she wasn't ready for a relationship she said. *laughs* This is probably the worst morning of my life. And I'm leaving. That's why she never said...

    Funny thing life, you know, some people have some happiness, some have

  2. AlexDanish

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    Talk to us :hug:

    Can you tell me a little more about the backstory? I can definately relate... I've been chasing the same girl for 3 years, and you wouldn't imagine some of the things she told me about our relationship...
  3. DrivEthermissIon

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    My msn is .

    I'm absolutely gutted, I...

    I have to go, thx for promptness

    I'm used to this feeling tho you know ^__^ . The sickening feeling of failure and violence inside.

    It's all dreams. My life - it's one big fucking dream. Of shit.

    I won't be returning. I won't be reading any more replies.

    I'm going to cut myself now, I don't care anymore, about anything...

    I didn't know, you know? I read a message in my inbox after a week. I thought someone could save me. But no-one can.

    I didn't even care what she looked like. I didn't care if she had aids, or cancer. I never saw a pic. She wrote words to me, and they were so nice.

    Not even when I got in trouble at work was it as bad as today. If I never hear from her again I will be okay.
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    My MSN isn't working too well right now, and I have to download some new version for some reason, so I hope you read this, I'm in the process of PM'ing you. Please don't cut :hug: Just hold off a little longer, ok? :smile:
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    *laughs* I have to laugh because I'm so shocked.
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    Yea yea, my man has sayed 11 years he "think" does he want to be with me, haha! Every time I believe he really thinks :laugh:

    And I keep it kind