So I'm not allowed to talk

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  1. TheLoneWolf

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    or have opinions.

    Even though I'm right.

    It doesn't fucking matter, because nobody understands me and everybody hates me. So fuck off.

    I really don't know why I bother posting here. In the beginning, everyone was nice and helpful. Now they're just rude and condescending. That's how it is, then? Fine. I'm done talking. And don't act like you're going to miss what I have to say. Most of you would be happy to never hear from me again. In fact some of you are probably secretly hoping that I commit suicide. Be honest.

    Yeah, well, fuck you too.
  2. Samara

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    I don't feel this way about you. As for people being 'condescending' sounding, I have found that this begins to happen more and more that a person may see you in a crisis or in need of help, and they feel like they should be advising you, but you are not listening to their advice. They then get stuck and don't know what to do, so that turns into a sort of criticism, and many people don't realize they are doing it, and that it's hurtful.
  3. TheLoneWolf

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    I know what you're referring to, but I'm talking about something else. I appreciate the people who have tried to help me, even though their help caused more harm than good. I'm referring to people who aren't trying to help me at all. I'm referring to people who have never uttered a single nice or helpful word to me, but still feel entitled to criticize me.

    Also, the fact that you're the only person who responded to this thread speaks volumes. I know you are a kind and helpful person, and I've seen your own words get twisted and misinterpreted... hence your status. I know there are a sparse few people in this world who do care and who try to understand me... but for every 1 person who befriends me, 10 more are cheering for me to fail. I cannot do this anymore. I get it, everybody hates me. I can't help it that I'm so unlikeable. I try to be nice to people, and it gets me nowhere. Even random strangers feel the need to insult me without even getting to know me. If that's how it's going to be, then I say, fuck the world. I'll be glad to be gone.
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  4. total eclipse

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    NOONE has ever said or wanted you gone that is in your head only There are so many helpful people on this forum who try their best and if it fails they are attacked You are flaming now you are saying things out of content. You have had many responses to your post people who care I hope you are able to go back and see them Who hasn't been criticized really good criticism help us grow and learn about ourselves stop flaming ok start listening and learning
  5. sadhart

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    I appreciated the times you reached out to me, and it really helped to know I wasn't alone. I don't want you to take your life, and I know that is hypocritical of me, but it's true. I'm sorry that I'm not always able to be as good as you are to me when it comes to reaching out, but Iam here if you want to talk. I'm sorry that you're upset though.
  6. Samara

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    The people who "hate" you don't have to be in your life, or a part of your life.

    I once had a following on another forum, who followed me in everything I posted and twisted it. It was not a forum like this, it was a business based forum. The group of people were quite malicious, even calling me a bitch at one point and time in another thread. I eventually was kicked from that forum, but again in a very odd way, not a direct way, but a backdoor way.

    They made it so that my account does not say anything is wrong, no banned or anything; but if I log in, it redirects to another forum instead. I do know what it is like to have phony and condescending pricks coming after you and picking apart everything you do.

    These same people like to act like they are the "savoir" types, and yet when people are in dire need of help, they seem to be invisible or just not there? magical. When I was on that forum, many times there were desperate people, or people who needed a way to make some money, or were homeless even. I have tried helping the people who are in those situations, and one person was banned just for saying this... so to me, they are quite phony, because they want to act like they are nice people, and care... but in action they are cold, and cruel, and ignore the people who need assistance.

    Again, forums, the last time I checked, are a place for people to go to get counsel and help in the first place... they are places for people to get feedback, regardless of the forum's subject/content.

    As it is right now, one person from that forum I was kicked from, is offering me a sort of "get-out" card, they live in Florida, they are offering me the chance to go down there and live, and work for them. I am uncertain what to do with this; so... this person has also helped others in the past, and I told him last night that I think I am bi-polar.

    The last girl he helped, was married with 6 children, but suffers from borderline personality disorder. So even though I am not welcome in certain places because of certain people, in that situation, I still have others who know it's B.S. and who are the "real" people, I guess?

    There must be people here too, that see past the politics that each forum has (every forum has their own politics, and drama, and rules...and atmosphere). There must be some people here, who are on your side too... and won't let the "possy people" influence how they feel about you either.

    I know such people are beyond irritating, it feels like you are always under a microscope, but again you reached out here, people responded. So you are not entirely alone, like you probably sometimes feel.