So lonely and out of options...

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by victoria4951ct, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. victoria4951ct

    victoria4951ct New Member

    I'm so lonely right now. My husband doesn't care about me....nobody does. I've been stuck in this house for 12 days now without leaving. My husband got into an accident and totaled our car. So I havent been able to go out at all. I've been in my room 24 hours a day...on this damn computer. I have no friends or family around me.....just my husband. We constantly argue each I try to avoid him by going into my room. Everyday is being in this room. Were both unemployed right now...I just got home about 2 months ago from my military training. My husbands also in the military. I cant find a job, because I have no car. Everything is going down hill from here....I want to volunteer getting deployed just to get out of this nightmare...maybe it will be better out there.....

    Anywhere but here...I need to get away but I cant...I'm stuck here...I feel like I'm trapped...I feel suffocated..with nowhere to go..

    I'm starting to have thoughts about ending it all....
    I mean feels like its the easiest way out...

    Damn..I feel so a lone...
  2. sd-239192

    sd-239192 Well-Known Member

    I would like to welcome you, and tell you that you can always come here to find a friend to talk to. you don't have to feel alone through this.
  3. Anni

    Anni Well-Known Member

  4. jnine

    jnine Well-Known Member

    Hello victoria4951ct,

    being stuck in one place/room and feeling miserable and lonely is just ugly and painfull. I'm sorry you are in such a predictament. Feeling angry and frustrated and still lonely is ever more painfull.

    is there bus service within walkable distance for you? Sometimes when i am well and truly stuck just a bus ride alone is good for me, but failing that, i go to the library and look around, or if i haven't spent all my couch money i go and see what new and interesting junk/treasure there might be found at the thrift store near the library, (some times i make stuff and junk is useful)

    it's about energy, being in the house/room and feeling things grind down to a gritty murk is not something i can let happen so getting out no matter how scary it is for me; getting out is just something i have to have to work towards. even if i'm not up to dealing with the bus i go for a long walk and breath not stale-in-the-house-used-up-air.

    perhaps none of these ideas would work for you but i hope you can find some way for you to get some fresh energy

    i will think good thoughts forward/towards you
  5. victoria4951ct

    victoria4951ct New Member

    Ty Jnine for that encouragement!
  6. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Hey Victoria,
    Maybe volunteering for active duty would be a good option.. I was in the Marines and enjoyed all the traveling.. You wouldn't be alone because you you would have a squad of friends..You always have us for support..If your husband is messing with your head then you need a break from him.. Maybe you being deployed would make him realise just what a gem he has in you.. It's up to you.. Only you can make the decisions.. Take care!!
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