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so lonely lately

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by aurora_fighter, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. I recently realised that I dont have friends or someone to turn to...my schedule is like work for many hours a day,college and then sleep,cause I really look forward to the hours I can spend at home doing nothing...my so called friends(we arent real friends,only people who go out together...imagine that I know them for over 8 years and only one of them knows I am gay-and this happened by accident-and the others arent even thinking bout it) see me 2 a week and usually I am very tired.Not to mention I havent had a loved one for more than 2 years for millions of reasons...The problem is I am nearly 22 and feel like 50,I havent lived much good things and i feel like I struggle all the time.
    These all came to mind today when secretary from work called at home to tell me that a mother called her (I am a teacher) and tell her her boy havent writtne what to do for homework(to make it short-just a stupid thing he and his mother came up with just to call and make a fuss for no reason),so she started making it a big deal and saying I should check if they write down what to do(which I do but with 9 children under 10 u may miss one now or then) and making it SUCH A BIG SUBJECT!!I was so pissed that a secretary who has never taught in her whole life was telling me how to teach:mad: People are crazy these days,they are ALL a pain in the ass,they try to show they're better and such....and I was feeling ok today until this she called(and I thought she was a nice person)..
    So in conclusion,my life sucks,I work,study and even yelled at!:dry:

    sorry if it was too long,just wanted to let it all out
  2. TheBLA

    TheBLA The biggest loser alive.

    Its okay, I'm also in college, and all I do is eat, sleep, study, play on the computer or videogames. I got no friends, no social life PERIOD.
    It is depressing me a lot now that I am so inferior to everyone else around me, oh your supposed to make a billion friends in fucking college and all that bullshit. Thats just not mine, I'm just so different.....
  3. well actually this is my last year in college but I agree with what you say:hug: ...everyone says you will make many friends etc but my only so called friends are from my childhood,I only have one from college and I cannot say we are friends,we just talk to each other there.The problem with me is that I used to be really popular at school but I dont know what happened afterwards...I stopped believing that friends are trustful etc because whenever I meet someone I always end up feel used(like 2 months ago)
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