so lonely, no girl wants to be my girlfriend

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by theleo, Nov 9, 2014.

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  1. theleo

    theleo New Member

    So I want to kill myself because no girl every expresses any desire whatsoever to be my girlfriend. I can't take it any longer, all my friends are in relationships and I'm just there crying to myself. I'm too ugly to be on this earth, I'm not worthy of life and want to kill myself. what hope is there when I'm just worthless?
  2. True-Lee

    True-Lee Well-Known Member

    Hey, Hi I am sorry that you want to kill yourself, I want to ask you to please Hold On, I want you to give yourself some time to think this over and I would ask you to talk to some people in here. you sound to me that you are hurting from deep inside. I have to say, I am familiar with this emotion. It is my constant companion so I know and understand what you are going through. I would like for you to ask to talk to someone when you come back, I do want you to keep coming in here and talking to someone. I guess I am Welcoming you to SF. The people that you talk to in here may have gone through what you are dealing with, they are ready to talk and listen to what you have to say and they do really care. I would like you, when you come back, to let someone know through one of the forums that you are back and would like to talk to someone, there may be someone that contacts you first. I for one don't believe you are worthless, you have friends and they must value you. I have a hard time believing they would want you gone, I know I for 1 Don't want you gone. Please be patient and talk to someone, I will be back later to see how you are doing. Hold On Please
  3. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Nothing is worth killing yourself over, not a girl, not a job etc... Think things through! How old are you?
    As for looks, I'm a female and would not go out with a male just for their looks!! I've learned a lot from the past. Try and make friends with females first so you are comfortable talking to them and see if anything comes up from that, if not, you have the experience of being around girls. If you're not confident work on that and in the meantime fake the confidence, I never say that but in this case I will, confidence is what attracts a girl...well some of us!

    I am glad you joined here, I hope you will stick around, we're a very friendly community! :) And no one is worthless x
  4. Unknown_111

    Unknown_111 Forum Buddy Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Welcome to the forum. Trust me you are not worthless and you are a survivor. Relationships are hard but you need to remain calm. Yes, I understand you feel empty but YOUR LIFE IS IMPORTANT. Please do not do nothing you are not alone in suffering. We all suffer here but we support each other. Keep posting as YOU DESERVE TO LIVE as you seem as very kind person who needs our support. Take this virtual hand I offer and hold it as support to get you through this tough time of your life. You are not alone. If you want to talk in private then PM me.
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  5. Kai Nashi

    Kai Nashi Well-Known Member

    Hey, i just want to say this is the same EXACT feeling that i have been having for a long time which has been making me feel the same way. So if you want why don't you send me a PM and you can talk to me and i will listen, for you ARE worthy too live and i know this situation so clearly. Please, you DO deserve to live, so pm me and mit could benifit both of us.
  6. theleo

    theleo New Member

    But surely something is wrong with me, right? If no girl wants to be my girlfriend, there must be something wrong me with me, because if nothing was wrong with me, I'd have a girlfriend by now :( I just want someone I can call mine and end all this pain and loneliness. I want someone who I can create and share memories with, someone to enjoy my life with. I'm not asking for a lot, I only desire what everyone else desires, nothing more, nothing less but happiness just eludes me..
  7. DrownedFishOnFire

    DrownedFishOnFire Seeing is Believing Forum Pro SF Supporter

    Are you going atfer the prettiest girl in the room forgetting every other girl? Be honest with your answer, my guy friends complain but they are setting the bar too high it's because they're going atfer models not brains.

    I've seen ugly people have a partner it's the attitude and people are more attractive when they have awesome attitude.
  8. True-Lee

    True-Lee Well-Known Member

    theleo, You think something is wrong with you because you don't have a girlfriend? I have to level with you, I have had some girlfriends that people asked me what was wrong with me, for going out with them..... There was nothing wrong with the girls, it was that they weren't my type or really not for me. As I found out, sometimes the hard way.

    I am surprised, I was no prize, I didn't have a lot of money either, I was quiet and I guess you can say that I was kind of a nerd? I was into books. I didn't stand out but I had friends not a lot of them, but they were "FRIENDS" They were Solid, they were well.... two had "families" with Money but they never had lots of it, I guess a couple didn't have much and some were just kind of O.K. all of us worked, the girls too. I dated some but never real serious
    stuff until 11th grade. I was working in Vermont on a farm and 1 day i went to the A&W Root Beer drive up And she waited on me, I asked her what her name was, I was kind of quiet, and a lil embarrassed but she asked me what I said, I said I want to know your name, She looked at me for a minute and said I would have to come back after work and she would tell me. I did I dated her for the next 3 years, I went into the service and I thought she would wait for me but.......she didn't. She got married and had 3 Kids but I still Love her,,,, I guess I would say I wasn't in a Race to Get A Girl, I Wasn't Looking for a particular Person or Kind of Person. She wasn't the one that I would spend my life with but I could have, I didn't have any expectations or Plans........... It Just happened. I believe, you and there are other people too in here who have this Idea that you just go out find someone and it is like tag your it. That's not how it happens. Slow Down Live a little, you are placing to high an expectation on yourself and any Girl you might meet.

    If You are patient, there is someone out there for you there might even be a couple different ones, but Real There is One for You!

    Hey, I am not an expert, I don't know if what I said made sense to you. Really, it's not a contest. I will talk more if you want. Get to know a girl as a friend or if you know some now ask them what they think you should do or ask them why there are not any that want to date you. You would be surprised what you hear. Some will tell you some might laugh or mess with you but some will tell you.
  9. Kai Nashi

    Kai Nashi Well-Known Member

    I know how you are feeling, i feel the same exact way. I feel like i hqve alot wrong with me and if i didnt, i would get a girlfriend. I really aswell want to find someone to be mine, to be happy in life. I never thought id find anyone, but actually, i evemtually did. It only lasted five days, but that proved that it is possible for me to find someone, even if i dont want to admit so. Also their will be someone for YOU. Do you get around alot? How old are you? As much as i deny it myself, their will be someone, you dont know the future. I hope i can convince you this more than i can convince myself. You will find someone, there are so many people out will find someone, just wait. If you are still in school below 12 grade, most relationships will not last through. Just please, you ARE worthy of living, their is nothing wrong with you, it just takes time. Be confident in yourself! You will find the one! Also, dont heasitate to send me a private message. I know how you feel, and you can talk to me and i will do my best to help. I really understand too well your situation, and it still kills me to this day for myself. But yeah, send me a pm if you want.
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  10. Talia862

    Talia862 Well-Known Member

    Here's a secret...when you are single for a while, it sometimes seems like all the couples you see out there are so happy and carefree, perfect, and having fun. The truth is, sometimes its better to be alone than with an awful person who is making you miserable. Some of the most miserable, unhappy people I have known have been dating others, others who are manipulative, cruel, or selfish. Give it time. It's better to wait and be in a good relationship than go flying into one after another bad ones. Sometimes it just takes time.

    I hope you find comfort here in this forum, the people here are really nice.

    Also, just because you are not dating doesn't mean you aren't good looking. Maybe you just haven't found the right person yet. Looks aren't REALLY that important anyway. They only seem that way to people who are really young or people who never grow up. It's often the girls who go with the guys who are the best looking that end up having bad relationships.- because the really good looking guys are conceited and treat them like trash. They feel they can have anyone so they don't' care. I really think that in time girls learn to look beyond good looks and go for the people who are beautiful inside. After a little time goes by they start noticing people they dismissed and realized what mistakes they made. Because they realize the people they overlooked are really better boyfriends, whether they are attractive or not. I say this as a girl whose been through high school and part of college, then moved out into the (supposedly) adult world. I have a lot of girls who are friends, and they all eventually grew up and started looking deeper than just appearances. Give it time.

    As for me, I dont' actually like guys that I'm a little different. ;-)
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