So lonely..

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  1. Hi there? I have been feeling terribly alone lately.. All my "real" friends have let me.. There is just one still talking to me, and is not doing it much, is mad with me for some stupid reason.. I even apologized to her.. But aparently thats not enough.. Probably im not enough.. I do know that is not totally my fault what happened.. But i still FEEL this fuc**** urge to make it all ok.. but i dont even want to text her anymore, it just make me feel even worst when she answers...

    Yesterday i gratuated from college.. Im a Lawyer now, my proyect partner didnt even invite me for the celebration she did last nigth.. My mom just left after it and let me there on the university.. I got 100points.. And for what? I feel so empty and alone...
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    Hi hun congratulations hun on your success of becoming a lawyer I am sorry you feel so alone hun glad you are talking here. You are not alone now ok you keep posting here make new friends here hugs
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    Don't let it get at you. You accomplished something, you can try to work on it. Sadly the world isn't always a nice place, and even your own parents can give you the cold shoulder. Still, it doesn't mean you have to give up. If the people around you aren't very kind just try to meet new people, both in real life and here; that's probably a good way to get around loneliness. You don't have to always stick around your friends even if they ignore you: try to fix things, but if it doesn't work notwithstanding your efforts you don't have to feel guilty.
  4. Thanks for answering.. i though no one would...
    I just got fired from my job because of the friend i talked you about.. i feel... i feel that i cant really do this anymore..
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    I'm sorry you're feeling so low right now. And that you got fired from you're job. A year and a half ago I got fired from my job cause I simply couldn't do the work anymore. Still to this day I feel like a failure, but don't give up. Sure this isn't the answer you're looking for, but keep trying. If you ever need someone to talk too, you can pm me if you wish. Always willing to listen.