so lonely

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I am so lonely. Talked with people the last few days, so now being without is worse. Richard Bach said anyone can get used to being alone, but if you break that for one day, you have to start all over getting used to it. I want a real person here I can call and hang out with. Someone I feel safe with. I also want to lose 30 pounds. It is disgusting how much weight I am gaining. Wish it were winter so I could hide in my big sweatshirts. Maybe I really just want to totally withdraw. Headed to pdoc, where she will likely just up the dosage on the fifth antidepressant I've tried. I'd rather just give up and taper off all together. I'm sick of being defective.


Yeah sucks to be alone. I feel you on that weight gain issue I was dieting down for a holiday I have coming up at the end of the month, well low and behold depression rears its ugly head and now after losing 14 pounds I'm eating chocolate and ice cream like theres no tomorrow. The sad thing is I can't stop myself I just don't want to stop.

If you are looking for buddies try the chat channel in here, think its irc I can't get it to work but if you can figure it out tell me how and well chat.:biggrin:
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