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so long...farewell

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Robbie 121, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. Robbie 121

    Robbie 121 Active Member

    i have to, im sory but i have to
    im going crazy, i cantstop cryng or cuting myselff
    fac it if u were meu wuld want to kill urself to

    unles i fail, or somonetalks me outta it (doubt it)


    p.s sorryif i made typing errors but im still crying anddits gettin hard to type
  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Whats happening Robbie, can you try to explain?
    Has something happened that you're finding hard to deal with?
  3. music_addict

    music_addict Well-Known Member

    hey, i can tell your in a bad way right now, but please reconsider. Ive been there when i can think of nothing but death and it is the only thought that provides solace. But, it can be overcome. Its damn hard, DAMN hard, but it can be done. There has to be some reason for you to hold on, something anything.
    anyway, i hope you decide to stick around. and if you feel the need to talk about whats going on then feel free to PM me.
  4. Dave303

    Dave303 Well-Known Member

    Robbie, please talk to us. We do not want U to do anything foolish :sad:
  5. TwilightKid

    TwilightKid Well-Known Member

    Robbie - NO!!! Please dont do it! Please reconsider! U can say u have done that lots of times but sometimes its better not do anything at all. Just DONT do it and u will see tomorrow u will be feeling a little bit better! Please talk to us and do not leave!
  6. Robbie 121

    Robbie 121 Active Member

    u no that this is how much of a fucking failure i am, i cant even kill myself, i took sleeping pills then put a bag around my head and tied it, but then i woke up this morning finding out i paniced and ripped the bag off my head

    well this once again shows how i am a failure and how i screw up everything
  7. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    I'm sorry you feel so awful you attempted. I although am glad you are ok. What all is bothering you? We are here if you'd like to talk about it. :hug:
  8. Deathly Strike

    Deathly Strike Well-Known Member

    Thats a good thing.

    No matter how hard a time we face or are having there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Just keep on going Robbie, please? Its obvious you're in an emotional state right now but we're here for you. If you wanna talk to me then feel free to PM me or speak to me in chat. I'm here to help you through this and so is everyone else. Stay with us, Robbie, and stay strong.
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