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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by drkangl, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. drkangl

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    this is just getting to be way too much, honestly i dont want to deal anymore. it seems that everyone hates me right now, i know we all think that at times. anyway my ex hates me and told me he wants me to just die. my 12 yr old hates me cause im making her move back with me cause she is living with my ex husband who is just her stepdad and trying to skip school, smoke, and get in trouble. i may have to put her in a hosp as she is threatning to kill herself if i make her move. ive been there i really dont want her to end up like me. her stepdad was doing good w her since he has been "daddy" since she was 2 untill he started dating a 19 yr old. he is 35. im sorry but i think there is something wrong with that. i understand that as her mom there are going to be times she hates me, but it hurts badly, we have always been extremely close. i know im doing this in the long run to try to protect her. I have no room to talk really, at the moment im 30 and have no job and living with my mother again. I suck. I just dont know wht to do with this anymore. I need to be strong but im ready to give in and collapse.
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    I am glad you are being strong for your daughter as you are right to be concerned for her. She needs you there for her and her grandmother can help to. She will see in time you care more for her by giving her boundaries and rules to follow. Teenagers is such a difficult age and they need alot of boundaries to keep the safe. don't give up okay she needs you now more than ever take care.
  3. masive

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    Violet is right in what she/he says and..

    If you give up now what was the point in starting in the first place. Your daughter sounds like she is rebeling against you be strong and hold your self tall.

    As to living at home again no job. Shit happens doesnt not mean your a failure. Your just going thur a bad time. concerate on the main problem then worry about the rest.

    Keep your chin up hun.. let us know how things are going.
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