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    Hey everyone.

    I'm new here, came across the site when I was reading about suicide [yes, I'm at a point in my life where I have actually considered taking my own life].. and just needed to vent.. I don't know if anybody will respond.. it doesn't matter...

    I'm 25, living in the UK right now [came here a few months ago].. I'm from India basically, mostly been above average in my studies.. spent 5 years in college [3 in under-graduation and 2 in PG] on a science major.. I was so full of hope and ambitions that I even started to apply for jobs when I was in my last semester [the final exams hadn't even commenced then].. This was in 2006. I was still living with my parents.. Well believe it or not, I didn't get a single response/interview call from any of the 70-80 companies that I applied to.

    Then I moved to the UK mid 2008. Borrowed so much money from my parents [hoping I would repay them since I was pretty sure my life would change after coming here].. What do you know? It didn't.. It has been 5 months since I came here.. 500+ applications everyday.. and still nothing.. People say UK is in recession now. It's like I brought my bad luck with me to the country.

    I don't understand. I can literally feel my brain going soft by the minute. I rarely get the chance to hold a pen in my hand.. I studied Biotechnology, which is by a lot of standards a pretty tough subject. Now it looks like I'm not qualified enough to get a job as a supermarket cashier even.. This is so hard :-(

    Where did my life go? Is there no respect for my knowledge? It's almost like I'm invisible to this world.. Like any application I send is magically rerouted into oblivion.. Why did I waste 5 years of my time and my parents' money just to face this stituation? I could've killed myself as soon as I finished high school! I presume many of you would know, with India's population, we are not entitled to benefits either. Looking at the situation here in the UK, I see its unfair that citizens here are losing their jobs to people coming from abroad. I didn't have ANY idea of coming here. If only my own country offered me an opportunity or recognized my hard earned education.

    Its January 1, 2009. And tears are flowing so profusely. I'm starting the year with so much regret, pain and disappointment. It's just not worth it.....

    Sorry if it was long....
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    Why not see someone from your local university and have them check your CV and also have someone check your applications before you send them off.

    Don't give up, something is bound to turn up.
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    i'd see advice from anyone you can of how to use your qualifications.

    Theres always plenty of options so keep up your hope :)
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    UK is extremely expensive a place to live...I'd say cut your losses and return home. Being around your family will help you feel better. Don't go to a place where theirs a recension..that's just silly.