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So many British people here

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I just noticed that there are a LOT of British people here. It seems like every thread I read is by a Brit.

Why is this? Just a coincidence? :smile:
Haha, yes I have noticed. I'm an American though, and pretty sure I saw a few Canadians around..eh?

left behind

I'm british(pritty near London), there dose seem to be alot of us brits here.

suprising considering the relative population of the USA


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I'm british 99 miles west of london according to some weird thing online... maybe the uk is generally just more depressing, i think the us can more readily get hold of prozac too :tongue:


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canuck here. (it's freezing outside - lol)

Maybe lots of brits because there are LOTS OF BRITS, versus other nationalities, such as canadian, etc.

But yeah, the weather's gotta be a factor.
hehe im a bit stupid but where canuck?? i can't be arsed to look on google, and i just wanna make myself look like a prat :biggrin:

(ahem im not good at geography! :dry:)


I'm a American citizen but loads of my ancestors are Brits ! ( there's some historical reasons behind that, but that's old news, ha ha )
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