so many deaths

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    Ive had so many deaths in my family. My grandad, grandma, 3 close uncles, 1 aunt, neice and my lovely brother.

    6 years on and still i go to telephone my grandma, i just loved her to bits and miss her so much.

    I had 5 family deaths and gave birth to 2 babies all in 4 years and that was just hell and i think the start of my depression. How can you be happy that youve just discovered your pregnant 2 weeks after my brother was killed aged 26???? Also our family dog who was our life and soul of the family.

    At presant my cousin who was my bridesmaid whos 47 has cancer for the 3rd time and my aunt has terminal cancer, and just a matter of time for her.

    Im have emailed today a medium to see how much it would be to see her and might be able to get closeure on my brother. miss you all, hope one day to see you again Robin, big sis missing you donnaxx
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    My sincere condolences, there's nothing I can say to ease your pain.
    Just know that bring a parent means having people who depend and need you more than you might realize. Take this from someone who misses their father every single day.

    I understand, my biggest fear is to watch the people around me I care about go. Please hang on though because the people you love would want you to.

    Lots of hugs dear, hope you get through this.
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    I'm so sorry for your much to have to deal with in such a short time...
    you have children who need their mother so stay strong ,,take care
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    on monday my son will be 14, so that means its 15 years since rob died. i know ive posted on here, sorry.

    sitting here listening to roger waters, having a good cry. i remember the day they told me i was pregnant, it was exactly 14 days after rob was killed.

    my mum has always said in winter that she wanted her 4 chicks home safe and sound. no more 4 chicks.

    now days i have my own 3 chicks, and i say the same, because we live in highland scotland we get our fair share of snow, but when we do i always have my 3 chicks home.

    so so much miss you floyd. no one can ever replace u bro. i hope that road to hell is good biking. youve got 2 nephews who want bikes just like u. xxxgod blessx
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    :rose: :hug:
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    So sad...look to those that are living and live how your brother would have wanted you condolences...J