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So many things

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Just going to have a rant, don't expect anyone to reply, it's just that my head is so full of stuff right now that I'm hoping getting it out will help.

So much has happened in the last two weeks.

- My boyfriend left me, with no explanation as to why. Saturday morning we were ok - Saturday night he wasn't speaking to me, and hasn't done since.
- I have a friend that I am so sick of being let down by. About once a week she lets me down over some or another.
- There's another friend who has been talking to someone behind my back, slagging me off. I have no idea what she's been saying because this person won't tell me "for my own good" ... so I can only assume how bad it is. Yet she's still trying to text me/speak to me on Facebook, as if nothing has happened. And I can't mention it to her because the person asked me not to.
- Someone who has been in my life since I was a child died this week.
- My Mum's partner is being a total dick to me. He accused me of "prostituting myself around the pub" the other day (I'll explain in the next point.) And literally hasn't stopped moaning at me for one thing or another since Monday.
- Tuesday night a male friend walked me home from the pub and came in. We kissed - nothing else -. But he is married and I know his wife, and now it's very uncomfortable (obviously she doesn't know it happened.)

Urgh, not sure that writing it even helped!!


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I'm sorry you're so hurt and confused, but it'll get better. Most of the members can tell you that ^_^; If you need someone to talk to, please just leave me a message. -hugs-


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your post made me cry,,,, I hope you are feeling better. im not much good at this stuff and dont want to say the wrong thing here but pm if you want to chat xx

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I'm sorry everything seems to be happening all at the same time...life sure can be weird and mean sometimes....I'm sorry for your loss, I hope things get better for you, keep talking, it can help remove a heavy load off your shoulders and people here are always willing to listen and help :hug:
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