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    Basicallt the title says it all-I am experiencing anger more than ever before. I don't really understand it or knpw what could have triggered it. I've had issues in the past, but those were are fairly easily controlled. Current issues don't seem to be so easily managed. I get angry over the smallest things, and it's been this way for a few months. I tend to get mad at my dog just for cleaning himself, or he's too loud drinking his water. I get mad at my girlfriend over stupid shit. She's at work all fucking night..I should be glad she comes home to me. When I say stupid shit, I mean things as simple as not putting a knife in the sink, or not changing the toilet paper roll. Sure, those things are annoying, but I guess I blow it oit of proportion sometimes. I always feel like she's mad at me too, so I shut down if there's the slightest hint of annoyance in her voice/actions/body language. Then she knows something is wrong and I can't explain without sounding like a complete bitch. I always end up taking it out on myself in a number of ways, mostly physical harm, etc. I don't know how to control it or cope with it, and it's only getting worse. I hate being angry and frustrated, which makes me more angry and frustrated...viscious cycle and all that.

    Anyway, I guess I just needed to vent. Sorry.
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    you start any new meds hun sometimes the new meds can cause agitation and increase intolerance to sound
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    No, I haven't been on any sort of meds for nearly two years. I'd rather avoid them this go round..
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    I understand that choice for sure have you considered therapy then to see where the anger is coming from as well therapist can help you to release the anger in a safe way in a safe space so no one is harmed with words not meant to be said
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    sorry you are dealing with anger. Because then you have to deal with the self blame of the anger which makes things even worse for you.

    I have heard ( and I think its true) that under anger is pain and hurt. From what you wrote it sounds like you have your share of pain and hurt. You in counseling to maybe try to heal some of it? I am no one to talk. Because I am not in counseling. But I do think its great if someone can find a good therapist to help. Because I can hear from your words that you dont want to be that way. Many people who are angry couldnt give a @#$% about what they do or who they might be pushing away. But you do. I hope you can get some help for the hurt. I really do.