So Much Energy Drinks and No Food...

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Manic!, Feb 17, 2008.

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    I dunno if this really should be in here, but it sounds like it should.

    So about two weeks before St. Valentines day I stopped eating proper meals. I'd have maybe a slice of toast or a bowl of cereal given to me by my parents before I went to school. Then at school my lunch, which is just a normal sandwhich. Then nothing else for the the rest of the day.

    That got smaller through the week, to just either school lunch or the cereal/toast in the morning. I found myself getting tired and not being able to do much things. So I turned to energy and caffeine drinks. Startign off with black coffee from the café, next to supermalts, then red bull, after boost then Invigoration and various other things I hadn't had before.

    I became addicted to two imparticular; Invigoration and Boost. When I drank them, I became hyper, full of energy, my heart races like never before. It races so fast and hard that it hurts for a while. These two drinks or even one of them kept me alive and energised. I couldn't concentrate on anything for more than two minutes. If I played my guitar then it's be one song, stop and jump around. Another song and run around singing random shit.

    My teachers got worried in lessons. I found that weird, they shoulda been happy or something that I was lively for once.
    My family saw me drinking the drinks and did try to take them away from me but I still had some more stashed away in my room.

    Sometimes I found myself repeating things or forgetting things when on the 'high' of that drink.

    Anyway I stopped eating altogether, depending on Invigoration and Boost to keep me going, which it certainly does. I drink atleast six a day, and I know it's not good but it's more of a routine now.

    I have noted that it's something like 33mg of caffeine per 150ml. It's about 100mg per can of invig... and uhmm,,, even more for Boost. Above that it may hurt my heart a little but I really do like to drink it.

    Is this a problem or just a phase,, because I dunno what to think.
Thread Status:
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