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So much money...gone (language)

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Story: i broke my foot two years ago playing tennis. but the doctor we went to said that nothing was wrong. Now i go to a podiatrist and i did break it. Why did i go now? because im getting a bunion. The bone of my big toe is shifting outward and causing many problems. So the first thing he does is suggest a night brace. holds my calf stretched while i sleep. said it was to keep my calf muscle more flexible because it is always tight and causing my foot to have to take the shock of walking. so that doesn't help the toe. then we go back and get my foot measured for these orthotics and we paid $200 up front to order them
Today we went back and picked them up (another $200 to finish the payment) and the damn things only support my heal. How is any of this helping my toe. the only problem i went to the damn doctor for? This is insane. and to see your mother passing $200 in 20s to the person at the desk is distressing when you know it is all wasted. This isn't helping me at all. My calves still cramp and my toe is still aching and causing problems. nothing is being fixed and we have very little money to toss out there.

I'm so upset i've been crying all afternoon. and really there is no reason to cry i can't do anything about it now that i have them. All it does is give me a constant pressure in my heel and makes it harder to run. NO FUCKING HELP!


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Can't think of what to say, but I at least want to give you a :hug:

Are they really no help at all? If that's the case, you should go back to the doctor and complain, cause it's just plain wrong to give you something which doesn't help, especially at that price. :(

Probably doesn't help much, but hope you're feeling better. :hug:
yeah just a bit...they dont hurt...but i still dont see how they could help. nothing feels different except when i wear them with shoes its a constant annoying pressure on my foot kinda like a sock sticking to the bottom of your foot.
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