So much pain.

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    I sit and think about this world. and I think and think and process and process and it still doesn't make a bit of sense to me. everywhere in the world there is abuse, there are children being degraded, beaten, neglected, raped, everywhere I go and I look around and I see people screaming at kids, kids with tattered clothes, kids with bruises. I see such sadness in eyes, everywhere. I see things in peoples eyes, they have been broken down. So much goes on in this world, and it's not fair to have so many go through abuse, and it takes from the person, it takes what they could have without having to rebuild themselves, and abuse in childhoods, you can't go back and fix it all. the world can be so cruel, why hurt each other, why do it?? you can't take back bad childhoods, you can't take back the abuse, so many in pain and don't know what to do anymore, so much pain. and it's not fair for so many to go through it. I see so much pain and I want to reach out and say it'll be OK and fix everything, but I can't just walk up to someone and say it'll be OK and with a snap of a finger cure everything, I wish I could. If people would look around and see what they are doing to others and just care, and stop it, stop it all, be a fucking caring human being, why does it have to happen? :cry:
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    people in general have very low levels of empathy. its the result of living in a capitalistic society that teaches the individual to focus on themselves.

    i mean, over a million iraqi's have been killed. does anyone really care?

    some poor iraqi guy that basically only has a goat and a hut made of mud gets a bomb dropped on him and is blown to smitherings. he spent his whole life in poverty, never hurt anyone, and now is dead becuase of things that have nothing to do with him. thats the world we are living in.

    and we got politicians up on stage talking about how it makes sense to kill all these people so that they don't kill us.

    the world has gotten to crazy for people to sane enough to see that caring about each other is the only way to make a better world.

    it is what it is.
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    100% Agree. :clap:
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    The world can be a scary place Carolyn. I wish people cared about eachother more.
    'Imagine all the people, living life in peace.' John Lenon.