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    Everyone wonder if some people are really as stupid as they seem? Or do they play the role to be lazy? I noticed it at work today, when people seem to act oblivious to their abilities to follow simple written instructions. They play the "I don't know card" rather than take a look and see if they can figure it out. And with my job, it's my responsibility to make sure that things are going smoothly so that clients have no cause for complaint. It's not a hard job really, but I am reliant on people that in certain client offices to hold their own for the sake of client happiness, and maybe just making my day a little bit easier. Even with the most minuscule task. Lets take a fax machine for example. Brand new, still in the box. Of course it doesn't come completely put together. They have the certain little odds and ends neatly wrapped, mainly to prevent the damn thing from breaking during shipment. But its small pieces. Its not like you have to wire it together. So you have to attach the paper support tray. No big deal right? It even comes with a little instruction book. With instructions…and pictures! Hell we have been following picture books for a while now…maybe since what? Kindergarten?

    SO i get this call from one of my out sites. I had sent them a new fax machine, cause I really don't have time to drive 50 miles to spend 2 minutes hooking it up. I have way to many things to do. System upgrades are a bitch and there are sites that really need my attention at this moment. SO the instructions were to hook it up and call me so I can send a test. Simple right? No. I get a call. "Is someone coming to hook this up?" No sweetie, that is your task. Follow the booklet and set it up. "But there's too many pieces…" No honey, the is four pieces. Hook one end of the cord to the phone, the other to the hole marked phone, and plug in the damn power cord.

    I see so many things like this. A client calls for a pickup outside of their normal scheduled time. But oh, they didn't say it was a stat, so no one shows up to pick it up. Client gets upset. "Oh well they didn't say it was a stat pickup…" You know, maybe, just maybe the fact that they were calling for a pickup knowing damn well the courier shows everyday at 430, that they were calling for a reason? Common fucking sense people! And maybe i am just having a little bit too much faith in humanity here. Maybe its my fault for thinking that there is a thought process to things. Maybe I just have a tendency to think a bit too much and see a bigger picture than what there is. I have no fucking clue. All i know is, I have so many things that I am expected to have done by a certain time, and no one else seems to want anything to so with this system upgrade. They want everything nicely wrapped with a fucking bow on top and handed to them on a golden platter. No that isn't how it works. We are all part of the same corporation doing the different jobs for the same purpose. To serve our clients and provide excellent patient care. And if excellent patient care means going slightly outside your comfort zone to pick up a sample prior to its draw time, just do it. If you have to plug the power cord into a fax machine, don't cry about it. Read the manual. It is hard. Its not rocket science.

    Sad thing is, you see this everywhere you go. Its not limited to just one area of expertise. It not even limited to jobs. Its life. You can't even get someone to hold a door open for someone struggling anymore. It too much to go above and beyond for anyone. No one gives courtesy, no one helps each other (this forum excluded) and people think that its normal. Instead, people choose to honk at the old lady trying to make her way across the street, the one who is getting trampled by everyone quickly walking by her and ignoring the fact that her little walker can only hold so much. And god forbid you give a dollar to that child digging in the trashcan for a meal, or even the homeless vet. Who cares what they buy with it, lend a hand. Hell a I bought a beer for a homeless guy. He was sitting on Riverstreet holding a sign that said "I'm not going to lie, I need a beer." Hellz yeah. That was the coolest old man I have ever talked to. I admire honesty and if I helped and made his day, awesome, even if I did get him drunk. I want to be drunk….okay I'm done.