So much stress

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    Confession, I can't handle the stress.
    I pretend I can, but I can't. Its eating me from the inside up and Im starting to feel like Im going crazy.
    Tuesday was the icing on the cake when my coach told me that I'd been put on the bottom of the list. Last year I was top two for our club. But because Im working I can't train the same as I did before and it's costing me. He tried to be nice and supportive, but the words still hurt...when he asked me how I felt I said nothing..I felt nothing. He asked me a couple more times, but I honestly didn't feel anything till i got home and I was alone.
    Everything has fallen apart. Im at the point where all i can think about is how much I hate they can take advantage of you and cause so much pain...I feel tired and stressed out all the time...I feel like I can't do it anymore, and thats all I've been feeling. Anger outburst after anger outburst...there's no relief from's like every minute of my day somebody wants something from me and I just want to be left alone...and I want somebody to listen...
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    I wish there was an easy way, a one size fits all method, to alleviate stress. That is manifests in anger is completely understandable and probably the most common reaction to dealing with stress and it will cause people to do things that would otherwise be completely out of character for them. If it is possible try to do exactly what you said - just be left alone. Take a week ,a weekend, or only an afternoon if that is all you can fit and go do something for yourself. Treating yourself well helps make up for the way other people treat you. It does not matter what you do - just make sure it is entirely for you, depending on your interests, something so simple as a picnic lunch with your favorite things to eat or snack on in a quiet area even. If nobody elde will give you a break give yourself one. Just what works for me sometimes. I am listening and if you ever want to rant here is a good place or feel free to PM me.

    Take Care and Be Safe