SO pissed off at the local mental hospital!

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    My sister went to her now ex's mother's house; where he was staying with their kids, and where she was clearly unwanted; and attacked him. she threatened to kill him as well as drown herself in the sea. Prior to this she had been stopped trying to jump off a bridge and threatening suicide. She had also neglected her kids and stayed in bed literally all day. The police came along with a psychiatric ambulance, and she attacked them too. They had to strap her down and have a policeman inside the ambulance because she was so violent. They admitted her in a psychiatric hospital, and my mother thought she could finally relax because my sister was confined and couldn't hurt herself or others. We all assumed my sister would stay in the hospital for a long time, maybe more than a year. Guess what? The fuckers released her the next day! How fucked up in the head are they? My sister came there with police escort strapped down because she was attacking everyone, she had attemped suicide and threatened with it multiple times, she had beat up and threatened to kill the father of her children, she was clearly severly fucked up in the head and a danger to herself and others, and they fucking released her?! They should be i jail!
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    You are right to be angry hun i would call the authorities and let them know what has happened the police can put her on a form and keep her on one and the doctors cannot overide that I hope you contact the police and let them know what hospital did
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    I am very sorry for the difficult situation they put you in... sometimes things defy all logic...
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    She should be committed in a mental hospital so she won't be released without the approval of the psychiatrist. Calling the law for a mental health checkup will have a law officer to investigate and analyze the individual if that person needs to be committed against the person's will and if hospitalized, the court has to make the decision for involuntary commitment until proof of psychiatric recovery by the psychiatrist. Believe me, I have been committed before, and that's how it works.
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    and she's lashing out at everyone ....because? Sounds frightening, so I do understand your anger and extreame concern. But is she loseing the plot or is she retaliating for something? Is she attacking people outside of her family or is she lashing out at only the family? It seems pretty focused from what you're saying. How old are the kids and how many does she have? Does he husband help out? Is she frustrated with her life? Has there been past abuse?

    Sounds more concentrated then chaotic imo, but that's just off of like 10 sentences.. In anycase, stay safe