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So pissed off with myself...

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I'm so stupid! I'll avoid things that could make me enjoy my life more just because I might make an arse of myself. Gah! Starting today, I'm growing a pair of lady-balls. Being a recluse obviously isn't working, time to try something new. What's the worst that could happen?
Hopefully I won't regret saying that.


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Things like hanging out with my friend at band practice (she wants me to sing a song with her at her next gig...not sure if I'm ready for that)
or actually going to college, I've been avoiding it because I'm new and gonna be on my own AND I always make a complete idiot of myself around new people. Went in today, it wasn't so bad :0)
Oh and I wanted to intern at a salon, but again, I'm shy around new people so maybe that wouldn't be the best idea...
haha, glad I made you laugh! :P
ooo but all that sounds like fun :) And trust me college isn't that bad socially. Like... its not like high school, people aren't generally dicks. :P
And you should go for the Salon thing as well as the singing thing. You can do it!!!

haha XD Lady-balls!


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You're right! It's not so bad at all, I made a new almost-friend today lol, we're going shopping this weekend :) My class is all arty so people are a lot friendlier. Yay! lol
About that singing thing, I've already sang with her for a competition in the city hall and made a complete arse of myself lol, so I'm a bit afraid to do it again. Actually that's the second time she dragged me on stage! She's up to something lol.

Thanks for the vote of confidence! I guess I'll never know unless I go for it! Time to put my new balls to use lmao

Growing Pains

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The term lady-balls gave me a good chuckle, too.

Anyway. I say go for it! It doesn't hurt to do so, after all. I'm glad you made a new almost-friend today and hope that your shopping trip goes well. And sacred heart is right. College isn't that bad. It's nothing like high school, really. Less clique-y. A lot less so. Largely because people are a bit more mature, if you know what I mean.
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