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SO pissed off...

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Omfg.. I am SO mad right now.

Some people are fucking pathetic. You apparently have no courtesy or compassion for any one else but yourselves, despite your proclamations to have so. What the fuck gives YOU the right to build people up, only to let the fall. Is that fucking entertainment for you?? You make me... so... ARGHHH. Are you REALLY as stupid as to not see the devastation you inevitably cause? Or do you know, but feel the need to carry on regardless? I mean don't get me wrong, I know that when you said those words you probably meant them to some extent, but my God, you can not fuck with people's lives. It HURTS them. And you are so oblivious to that. Don't say inconsequential SHIT you blatantly don't mean, in order to make someone feel better. I guess in the short term, that can work well, but in the long term?? It reiterates to that person that they were right all along, they ARE a worthless piece of shit. And you don't even SEE the hurt you cause, you don't HEAR the tears that are cried over you, and it leads them to think that even if you could see it, hear them, you wouldn't give a flying fuck regardless.

Yeah, you just carry on talking your shit, and proving what fucking liars you are. And then, when you decide that you can't be fucked, you move on. Walk away. Leave people in the ruins of your words. But I swear to FUCK, karma is a bitch. And you WILL get yours. Just you watch.

Fuck with me, and I'll blame myself, I'll take all the responsibility, and I will hate myself more. But fuck with someone I love and care about? You aren't worth shit.


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Sometimes people just don't know what to say but want to help, so a load of platitudes can follow, or sometimes just the first thing that came into their heads.
I know this doesn't help your anger, but try to avoid those who incense you and remember not all peeps are out to cause harm or anger.


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Thanks Lucy, loves ya too :hug: :wub:

Terry, I know you are right, it's just hard to witness the pain people can carelessly cause. I am fiercely protective over my friends, and find it a lot harder to see them in pain than to be in pain myself. I just wish people would think before they talk, or at least remember promises they have made and follow them through. They don't have to deal with the hurt they infiltrate onto others, I do. And it makes me mad. But thank you for replying. :hug:


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Sorry hun been out of the loop for a few days. Not sure whats going on. But I'm sorry that someone has hurt you so badly. I understand exactly what you are saying. Words can hurt more than any physical action sometimes. I know from experience, too much experience, how someone promising and leading you on then just up and walking away, how it tears you apart and makes you doubt yourself over and over again.

Hun we just started getting to know one another. Please I'm a great listener and try to help anyway I can. Here if you want to talk about it. Dont give up yet, the good far outweighs the bad around here. Hang on ok? :arms:


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One of my pet hates is people promising things and then not following through.
it hurts like hell!
glad you let some of those feelings out and hope it helps..*hug*
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