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    Sometimes I want to kill my parents. I fucking HATE them!!!!!!!!!!! Why don't they care about me????? Their always fucking screaming at me for everything, They yell at me if I dont do what they want fast enough. Why doesn't anyone care about me? They literally don't care if they walk all over me. They care about everyone else, but me. They laugh with everyone else, but me. I can't wait until I'm gone. I hope they regret everything they did to me. I hope their life becomes miserable, but who am I kidding? No one will care once I'm gone. I'm already dead to them. I.. just need to relieve myself. Just a little. A few slices here and there and I promise I'll stop until it's time. No one would care anyways.
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    I am sorry having such a rough time. Why do you still stay there and put up with it? You do not need to leave the world but it sure sounds like you should leave that house and situation. Hope things change for you and improve soon :hug:

    Take Care and Be Safe

    - Ben