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So revolted, it's beyond digusting.

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Just watched the first minute of a 12 minute film about factory farming and had to turn it off because I was retching and actually quite traumatised. I still feel nauseous now, fifteen minutes later. I'm no animal rights activist (they piss me off too, don't even get me started) although I do help campaign for farm animal welfare, but this video made me wonder why I bother. This world is so messed up, and I just don't want to be part of it anymore.



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Having been a life long member of various animal groups I know only too well how sickening some of these videos can be.
Yes, it seems nothing changes, yes it seems, what's the point :dry:
But getting involved can make a difference and can make you feel better about the world we have to live in.
As a member of the hunt saboteurs, we campaigned long and hard to stop otter hunting, as the otter was becoming extinct in the UK.
We had got down to 20 otters left in the whole of the UK (survivors were in Scotland) when parliament finally listened to us and passed the bill to stop all otter hunting. :D
So get involved and make a difference.


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Yep we do somethings so that we can survive and enjoy things. It's not pretty. Infact, im sure that if we knew the start to finish process of everything in our lives, down to our clothes, fabrics on furniture ect ect we'd be enraged at our way of life. Or not care :P

In anycase, we're getting better. Slowly but surely we're whiteling out the lesser evils and replacing them with more "acceptable" evils, oh wait.. they're justified and humane by todays standards :)

I just mean, alot of the shit that we do now, is based off of old ways of looking at life. For every horrible part of life, there is a very beautiful understanding part trying to find a way for some sort of moral peace while we continue to use life as we do. It's just how we roll, we are getting better. The more people stand up against the shit that we do, the better.

It's just... when people do. They need to be a bit more practical about it, and if they actually want to stop an entire process, they also need to look at the repercussions of removing it. Sometimes an entire structure is built off of a very narrow and disgusting way of life. Simply removing i wont do, unless you have a replacement or substitute.

Things do and are changing :) For the better. Slowly. Don't forget that. The more we understand, the more we "can" care, the more people do something about it and think of a better way of life. Not just for us, but for all life. :)
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