So sad at xmas

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by mookies mum, Dec 20, 2009.

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    Here I am again trying to deal with another Christmas without my lovely daughter, she loved this time of year and all the excitement it brings but shes gone now five years and all those years I have missed her so much , my heart is broken and my face has the lines from so many tears. Its so hard to see everyone going around so jolly and smiling while Im so sad and hurt inside. Will I ever feel a little better. Oh the sadness and pain that suicide brings, if only people realized how much they are loved and now missed so very much.:sad:
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    It is hard and i am sorry you are suffering. Your daughter although gone physically will always be with you. It is good you can remember how she loved this time of year and she would want you to love it as well. Can you carry on for her do the things that brought both of you happiness. Know she wants you to be happy but i understand the need to grieve. I am without my brother thsi year due to suicide but i know he too would not want sadness for me. Just sending you some support and yes the pain will decrease in time and the memories of your daughter will live on through you. Its okay to be sad but it is also okay to be happy she would want that for you.
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    I am in the same boat as you, for me it is nearly 3 years, since she left. People expect you to be over it.
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    It is good that you still think of your daughter, but I'm sure that she wouldn't want you to be sad forever...
    no daughter wants to make her mother sad- but it does happen.
    Pain can last for a long time, but so can love. <as corny as that sounds.

    On behalf of daughters everywhere who have thought of hurting themselves, I'd like to say ' we're sorry. I do love you very much, mum. '

    I am still here even though I'm in such tremendous pain.
    It's all because of my mother.

    Thankyou for being so caring and please keep on trying to get better?
    You deserve to be happy!
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    im so sorry to hear that :cry: hope you feel better soon :hug:
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    your loving memories of your daughter is a tribute to her time spent here with you. keep remembering her and dont ever forget that she loved this time of year. I know that my happy memories of my brother are what keep me going
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    So sorry for your loss...and you are right, many ppl do not know how much they are loved...hope the pain does subside and that you can take in joy again, all the best, J
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    My thoughts are with you. I don't think the pain ever goes away, but with time it does soften. There are certain times it hits with full force. It is okay to embrace the grief at this time and let it happen. This too, is part of the grieving process which eventually becomes the healing process. Those that sya you should be over it by now have no idea what they are talking about. Each of us a different and process things in our own time and way. The love and memories you have will always be there. Use them to help you get through the rough times. :hug: