so sad today

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    sadness, loads of sadness today. not sure what sparked this, except maybe starting therapy has brought some long buried feelings to the surface.

    time is crawling. i'm working through a long list of distractions, from laundry, to gardening, cleaning the house, even scrapbooking. but i just keep stopping and crying. i want to get high. i want to cut. i want to die.

    i miss my mom so much. this summer will be two years since she died.

    i wish i wasn't such a weak person. i wish i could just 'suck it up' and not be so emotional. my dad always used to say to me, back a million years ago when i lived with them, that i was too sensitive. hyper sensitive. i cried alot then, too.

    i am so tired of not measuring up, of not being good enough, of being the black sheep... i really don't know what else to do.

    this trick of becoming aware of your negative thoughts so you can tackle 'em is just not working for me. if i calm down enough i can hear quite clearly what they are saying. but i have no defenses. i don't know how to argue back with them. they say "loser" and i say "yeah, i am. sorry."