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So scared


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I wasn't sure where to put this but I think this is the right place, sorry if it isn't.
I feel like a slut, sleep around, disgraceful. I'm scared I might be pregnant. I had short meaningless sex about two weeks ago with a guy I had some feelings for but nothing more. He has had sex lots of times and I just thought why not, this is what high school all about - taking risks. I was so stupid. I want to take it all back. Me and the guy don't even talk anymore.
I should have had my period a few days ago, not sure when exactly because my period has been very unregular. It kept on moving back days - 10 to the 15, 15 to the 20, 20 to the 24 and so on (not real numbers). I have horrible memory but I think my last period around the 20s. Maybe it's just moving back a few more days, I'm not sure. Now I feel like I have a cold, I just got over being sick so it's kinda strange. I looked it up and feeling sick is a common symptom of pregnancy. Then this morning I had a nose bleed which I rarely ever have. I can only remember having about two other than this one. I looked it up and boom, there goes another symptom. An odd one but a symptom none the less.
Maybe I'm freaking out but I'm still so scared. I can't tell my family, my sister got pregnant at 16 so it wouldn't go well if I am too. I can't even tell my bestfriend, she would be so disappointed and probably wouldn't be my friend anymore. I have one adult that I could tell which is my old art teacher but she hasn't responded to my texts. Im hoping I can find a way out of the house and a way to get money to buy a pregnancy test. There's a planned parenthood center in my city but to have an abortion I need money which I don't have, a parent consent which I won't have or I have to plead to a judge to dismiss having a parent know but im not sure how I'd get there or what to say.
I just need someone to help me, I don't know what to do. I just want to cry and make it all go away....

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depending on your age 16 or older you can go to your doctor and get a blood test done which is more accurate then urine test it would be all confidential
There can be many reasons why your period is late stress is one of them Call your doctor and make appt okay try not to panick until you get resuts in.
also highschool is not about having sex so don't be pressured into that okay


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I'm only 14 so that's not an option, it was a stupid idea. Everyone around me isn't a virgin, not saying I was pressured, but I didn't think it was a big deal. Now that I'm scared I see the bigger picture and how immature it was of me.


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As it's only been two weeks and your period could still arrive, I'd recommend waiting an extra week and trying not to freak out too much. Right now you're hypersensitive to every little thing that is happening with your body and counting it as evidence that you're pregnant, whilst it could just be normal. If that week goes by and you still have no period, then I'd suggest going to your GP and getting some kind of test done. He cannot tell your parents anything about it so rest assured they will not find out either way.

In future though, remember to use sufficient protection to avoid this from happening again.

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Im sorry you felt pressure to have sex but you do need to get tested hun can you talk to your sister get her help Talk to a councilor at your school they can help you as well. As i said there could be many reasons why you are late stress illness or the fact you are so young and just irregular Talk to a councillor okay at your school or your sister who can help you perhaps
You are not immature hun many girls your age are being pressured into sex to early in their life please talk to someone okay Your mom maybe mad at first but she will help you hugs


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Avarice- they really can't say anything? I thought maybe I was being a little paranoid so that's why I posted this, I just needed someone. We did use a condom, I didn't see him put it on so hopefully he used it right. Thank you for the help.

Total eclipse- I can't tell my sister, she'd be so angry and would say I'm stupid. Especially since she knows the guy and specifically told me not to be with him like that because she knows what he wants from girls. My councilor would tell someone, she already thinks I'm depressed and harm myself. Thank you for not judging me, I'm just so ashamed of myself. Thank you for all the advice

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No one judges you hun i am just concerned about your mental well being as well as your physical well being. Your counillor cannot tell anyone anything it is confidential as well as your doctor it is confidential. Your sister may be mad as i said but she will help you she will understand as she has been through the it.
You were pressured into doing something you were not ready for and i just want you to get some councilling to help you deal with what happened.
Talk to someone okay art teacher councillor your sister and yes your mother
I went thru the same thing with my daughter and she was younger then you yes i was upset but i made sure my daughter got the help s he needed as your mother will h ugs


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A councilor really can't say anything? When someone hinted I was depressed the first thing she did was call my parents and then talk to me. I just hope I'm being paranoid, I'm going to wait it out a week but if my period still doesn't come I guess I have no other choice than to tell someone. Thank you so much for helping me :)

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Councillor called your parents out of concern but she is not allowed to relay what is said in private she can call if she concerned for your well being I am glad you will talk to someone sooner the better I hope the art teacher get back to you the one you do trust talking does help hun it does.


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Hi honey :hug: im sorry you are in a bad place but you can get through it! Like the others here say wait another week and if you still dont get your period then go to the doctors and tell him you want it to be kept confidential. Once you have asked them even as a minor unles it causes physical danger to you they are not allowed to inform your parents. We are all here for you it will be ok xxxx


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I had a pregnancy scare a few motnhs ago, too.
Turned out I had started imagining some of the symptoms because I was so worried.
Of course, being in college, I was able to get to the planned parenthood on campus to check-
being in High school, that would be tough for you.
So I'd say just wait another few weeks or so, who knows,
sometimes periods just like to skip a month for no reason.


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Thank you everyone for being so nice :) I will wait but it feels like every hour is going so slowly. I don't know who to trust, my art teacher never replied back. Lucky for me I've got a physical tomorrow :(
So far it's another day, still no period. Still feeling a little sick but that's it. I can't get it off my mind


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If this boy has slept with other people in the past, you need to get yourself to a GUM clinic, or a doctor, to get yourself tested for STDs. That really is very important.

If it helps, I've had a pregnancy scare before and you really do start thinking every little thing is a sign, so try not to worry too much - I wasn't, even though I had all the signs of it. Even my boyfriend was worried about it, it's difficult not to.

At 14, your periods are still all over the place. Sometimes at your age I would miss them completely and I was a virgin so it was impossible that I could be pregnant. Other than that, everyone else gave excellent advice so nothing more to add.


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If I'm going to planned parenthood I'm going to be checked out for that too, I can't believe I didn't think of that before it happened. Thank you for sharing, it actually calms me so much knowing that

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Get an over the counter instant pregnancy test kit, the pee on a stick kind? It's reasonably accurate about a week after a missed period. Plus it's economical n you could easily toss it out once when you're done, so no worries k?..
At 14 your cycles will still be regularising, so it could just be that Hun.
N also... Next time you do have sex, make sure you use protection. There's an absolute cocktail (no pun intended) of STDs going around, none of which are entirely painless nor easy to explain. It's your body Hun, you have to respect it..

Hope I helped n hope you're better! :hug:


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Thank you, next time im going to give it so much more thought. Next time I will make the guy use a condom again. Butttttttttt guess who just got their period? :D :D


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i know what this is like! i have irregular periods and had unprotected sex with i guy i didnt know at a party (when i was very drunk) i spent the next two weeks thinking oh no i feel sick maybe im pregnant oh im very tired i could be pregnant. and i am from a catholic family and had never had a bf if i was pregnant i would of been in big trouble but i realised until i take a test if it is positive THEN i should start to worry. hope its all sorted soon

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