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so scared.

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by SashaJade, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. SashaJade

    SashaJade Well-Known Member

    I actually just want to curl up in a hole somewhere right now, I feel like absolute bollocks and I've had to cancel my appointment with my psychiatrist.

    My momma was rushed into hospital at 4am this morning with horrific stomach pains, she's now going to have to have surgery to remove her colon and get a colostomy bag... It's one thing after another for her, she is always getting so ill and I hate it.

    I now have to stay at home and look after my disabled sister cos they'res only me available to do so, my dad is going and spend time with my mum which is completely understandable. I dont really mind looking after my sister, but I really needed this appointment, I'm a suicidal wreck and I just don't know how I'm gonna handle this all.

    I'm so scared that my mum won't make it through the operation, that something bad will happen and she will die, and then I won't know what the fuck to do. My mum is my rock and I love her so freaking much.

    Why does all the bad shit always happen to her?​
  2. Baldr

    Baldr Staff Alumni

    I'm very sorry to hear this,
    The doctors will do all they can, and medical health care is very good nowadays
    My dad's girlfriend had an extensive operation just a few weeks ago, and she made it out just fine
    Can you maybe bring your sister to a relative, family friend or something and rescheduel the appointment?
    Hope everything will go well *hug
  3. SashaJade

    SashaJade Well-Known Member

    Well, im gonna have to rearrange my appointment, ive recently heard that we should be getting in a nurse in the mornings and the evenings to help us out.

    Im just so freaking stress out, my sister doesnt know whats going on so im trying to keep it from her.
  4. texaskitty

    texaskitty SF Cat Lady Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Sam :hug:

    I am so sorry this is happening. Your plate is so very full right now.

    I know you weren't feeling well anyway and this additional stress must be awful.

    I am glad you are getting a nurse to help a bit.

    We are here for you, however we can be.

    Sometimes I curse the distance between us all, because I would want to be of more substantial help.


    Stay strong. If you need somebody to vent to or just listen I am always available.