So Screwed!!!

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    Ok, so I'm trying to study for my Histology midterm I have at 830am tomorrow and I'm just completely screwed. I tried taking this course one year and ended up dropping it because I was doing so utterly horrible. Problem is that I need to pass it in order to get my degree. Yet it has nothing to do with what I actually need to know for any possible career.

    He even gave us the first essay question and I've prepared an answer but it is void of details and I'm not even sure if it is close to what he wants. There is just too much information for any normal person to remember and I'm not normal. I suck at details but am very good at general ideas and even more important, figuring out an answer for something that doesn't have one yet. But does that matter on an exam in University, Fuck No. Add to this that I'm so damn depressed and just want to die and it's even harder to retain anything.

    I have no idea if I'll remember anything (I will but it won't be the detail this asshole wants) and it's just too much. I am being held back sooo much in school by the classes that have nothing to do with my future career choices but are part of this degree that I've worked for, for so long and I'm not making it easier and changing to a less reputable one.
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    Hey Bigman, all you can do is give it your best shot. Best of luck.:smile: