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So sick of it!

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I Just Want Him To B Here With Me! I Cant Live Without Him! Where Is His Heart? He Doesnt Seem To Understand How Many Tears I Cry Every Single Day! I Need Him! The Only Reason Im Still Here Is Becase I Never Want Him To B Wit N E 1 Else....im So Tired, So Sick Of This, So Angry, So Upset, So Frustrated! What Can I Do? How Come Hes Not Wit Me If He Says He Loves Me? He Doesnt Fuckin Love Me, Y Does He Keep Lying!?!?!?!?! Y Do I Still Want To B Wit Him When He Does This.....im So Stupid! I Love Him, Im Nothing Without Him...what Can I Do? Please Reply!


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Hi again. :smile:

The next couple of weeks will be very hard for you but you will pull through it. You're going to not like me for saying this, as you've probably heard it a lot, but if you give me a chance to explain why then you might understand better. You need to let go and move on. Even if you still have feelings for him you are too emotionally attached right now and that will leave him feeling intimidated in a sense and will scare him away even further if he does want to get back together with you. I know right now it may seem impossible to do, but you can't live your life waiting for somebody else to put it back together. He needs his space right now and that's the only thing you can do for him in this situation. Give him the time he needs to figure out what he wants to do, and you need to focus on everything in your life outside of relationships. You can certainly live without him, I've lived 20 of my 21 years without a relationship and I'm doing just fine. Life is not love, love is only a part of it. The best thing that you can do right now for him and yourself is to give him space and focus on the other things that make you happy. When he is ready and willing to get back with you, he will be the one to make that move. If he never does anything, then you have your answer. Don't forget that in your life, you are a part of it too. I hope you feel better soon. :thumbup:
you know my brother was in the same situation you are over his wife.. she kept saying she loved him and would stand by him through anything to make it work, then go be with her boyfriend and tell him the same thing.. my brother took his own life 4 mos. ago and at his funeral she said "this doesn't phase me one bit... his life was lost over someone who didn't understand what it was to love purely and honestly.. my brother understood what it meant to love and honor someone, but she didn't.. my advice may or may not help.. but begin to realize that when the person you are loving doesn't know how to love you the way you deserve, the problem is with them.. they are the ones that need to learn how to love... you cannot make someone learn how to do it.. they need to figure it out on their own.. and you need to learn you are everything without him.. learn to love yourself first (and i'm sure you have many good qualities you can find within) and when you do that you'll find you don't need anyone to make yourself feel good about you.. you'll be able to do it on your own.. and the love you do receive from others is just an added bonus
Thanx for ur replies and for being so caring!
I guess deep down i kno that i will EVENTUALLY get through this, but i dont kno if i can put up wit it for that long....i just odnt kno what to do! i need to talk to him but when i call hes like give me some time...he knows that ive struggled wit depression for a long time but doesnt kno how to deal wit it. he doesnt kno how much it actually hurts and that doesnt believe that he's the only one that can help me. What can i do to get him out of my head? How long is this gonna take? i cant handle it much longer :(


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Hmmm well he keeps on lying because he believes you believe him.

As for why you still want to be with him. Maybe you are afraid that once he is gone you will never find another, like my friend. Maybe you are scared of being alone more than you are of emotional pain.

I do not know the exact answer. But I would think that it would be less hurtful to be alone. Then to be with someone who might not care about you at all and is just using you for pleasure or entertainment. But I would not know seeing as how I have always been alone, in a romantic sense.
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