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so sick of the emptyness

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i've tried to motivate myself to do things, and it's really not working.

all i do is lock myself away and in most cases just feel really down about the fact that i'm still here.

i feel that i don't deserve life, because round every corner for me is more pain and suffering

just had to vent- i'm sorry

total eclipse

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Don't be sorry okay i understand it is so hard to do anything when one is depressed I hope you can talk to your doc get on something okay new meds if need be it does help. Keep posting okay keep venting that pain out here i hear you i do and i know how hard it is hugs


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i know how u feel, have been locked away for over a year, you cant explain it
it just happens but dont feel bad about it and dont be pushed into doing stuff you not ready to do, just accept its the way you are at the moment which i have today and if you trust your doc talk to him about it but dont beat yourself up over it.
thanks for your replies everyone.

yesterday was extremely hard- was so scared and close to tears

had someone on the phone with me most of the night reausuring me that everything will be okay.

hugs to both of you


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hope you feeling better today. i had meeting with community mental health bloke (9 weeks after he said he would come) and i was brutally honest to 90% and sometimes you have to do that to vent off to strangers in same boat
to give you breathing space, no one can make you do what you dont want to
do. keep posting and venting, no matter what happens i am glad i found this place as i realise we are not aliens, just people who for whatever reason are struggling, and i hope you win your fight *hugs*
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