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so sick of the unchangeable status quo

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I can't deal with my job anymore... yet the economy is broken and will never recover. Even if it did another month of htis would not be worth a lifetime of anything else.

I am so stupid... im taking one class and only one class but I still found a way to fail a quiz and it looks lik the midterm is next... If I don't get an A I will drop out of school... and probalby end up dead after the job hunt for a good job fails.

here I am... listneing to many inturuprtiations of a song that would get me banned for posting working on yet another note... wondering how to explain to people who i was selfish enough to let love me why I plan on doing this... How to make people understand who have what I want... how do i make someone with a great job understand hwat it is like to know I will never have that... how to talk to those with families and make them understand what it is like to be terminally single knowng i will never have a family.

What the fuck is the point... the univrse gives so many pices of shit what it taikes to suceed yet I get nothing... had i been born with a brain or an elitely sized and atheticed body i could have done something worth doing...

but no...

it is pointless...


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I'm sorry your feeling so hopeless..

I've also had a lot of trouble finding a good job in this economy.. as has my friend..

It really sucks and I wish life would provide more opportunity.. Seems like there's not enough jobs for how many people there are..

I get depressed all the time when I see people who are on the streets.. Especially young adults like me, who have no job and their parents kick them out.. :(

I don't think anyone can understand another persons point of view fully..

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