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so so lonely

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i feel like i have nothing and noone and noone ever sticks around, i build up friendships and then for one reason or another they grow weak or break and its not even down to fighting just drifting apart, im only 15 and ive attempted suicide, i dont eat, i make myself sick, im so lonely and its the worst feeling i have ever come across. i have 700 facebook friends, but i have noone to talk to. and then when people do start talking to me it never lasts, nothing ever lasts.


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Me to, I think people get bored of my conversations. But then again depression is a selfish disease and alot of times I find that I talk about negativity all the time and misery loves company just noone wants to join my club.

Hope tomorrow brings you a better day.


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Loner2k10, sorry to hear you feel so down and I guess its depression which makes you have a lack of confidence in yourself. Sometimes it just happens - no reason needed, I guess it takes time to build up and is subtle so we often only realise we are depressed when its already hit us.

The good thing is that it can be dealt with - in part you readjust your mind so that it deals with negative thoughts and does not let them run amok. Therapy might help you - as aged 15 you are developing social skills and also the mental self defences we all hone as we grow up. What you learn now generally sticks more than it may when you are thirty or so.

The best cure for loneliness is conversation. In this day and age not many give thought to the art of conversation and how to make people feel comfortable. A sense of humour helps and also the ability to laugh at yourself. Depression often makes us more aware of hurtful remarks but humour is the best defence.

Younger people often make different 'friends' every week - but sometimes you meet people that age and know them all your life if you stay in your local area.

15 is an awkward age. For me I remember it as a mix of the last of childhood and facing up to the wide world as we left school at 16. All you can do is get along as best you can with school pupils and when you meet them aged 18 you'll be remembered as someone who was one of the good guys or girls.

For now though, you should maybe get some therapy and see your doctor with a view to meds and maybe a general health check up as for all we know you may have a physical condition.

Mate of mine felt down for months - tired and down - turned out it was his heart not his head! Daft so and so has a blocked valve or something.

Anyhow, 800 friends on Facebook is not like having one person you can talk to in confidence. What you are describing sounds like a phase of depression which is holding you back from being a happy person who should be enjoying what can be an exciting part of life. Depression saps confidence, tricks you into thinking you are worthless and generally a suicide attempt is something most docs would see as a pretty definite indicator that someone is depressed.

Millions suffer the same - the wise ones seek help, the less wise try to cope themselves and worse, might bottle it all up in the hope it will go away somehow.

It can go away - but you really need to talk to someone.

You got people here if you want to outline what is going on in more detail - we are on your side because I'm sure many here will remember being aged 15 and going through hell.

Hope you find some answers here and some solace in that you not alone.

My best wishes and prayers for your recovery!


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If you need a friendly ear , feel free to pm me :hug: sorry you're feeling so lonely, whatever you do don't isolate yourself, it will make you feel worse.
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