So stuck.

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  1. destroythesethoughts

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    I posted a while in the substance abuse forum that I was addicted to synthetic weed.
    No this isn't a post saying I'm all better now and living a happy life. I'm not.
    I'm still super f*cking addicted and now I get drunk almost everyday.
    I can't hold a thought for more than two minutes, I can't remember things I do or say.
    I remember bits and pieces through the holes in my memory.
    I'm falling further and further.
    Do I even want the help anymore?
    I'm too tired to think.
    My mind isn't working, it never does.
    Hey, I think my heart stopped working to.
    It's probably dead like the rest of me.
  2. Sadeyes

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    Have you spoken to someone about these addictions? Having an addictive personality myself, I know that sometimes it is not what I take, but how I react to what I take...maybe you can explore this too
  3. destroythesethoughts

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    I'm afraid to talk to anyone about my addictions except for people on here.