So this is awkward...

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    but so am I
    and its very annoying
    I cant seem to get my point across in conversation, or explain my thoughts in a coherent way.
    And when i find someone who i can talk to, i cant seem to find the words.
    It kind of feels like im trapped.
    And its a lot easier to turn to something where I don't have to talk.
    Excuse me, I dont mean this to be triggering.
    But I used to be able to say things, I used to be able to talk and feel better about whatever it is that i was saying.
    Now I cant.
    And its not the other person's fault i know that
    But my goodness
    I just dont know what to do anymore
    I get sick of trying. And i mean i shouldnt, considering I tell others to never give up and try again.
    but i do. And i'm kind of beginning to lose hope.
    Idk. maybe this'll pass.
    :smile: haha maybe im just a little too dramatic