So, this is what happened, lost count how many overdoses I've done. May trigger.

Discussion in 'After Effects' started by Sycotic_Sarah, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. Here's what happened yesterday then.

    I took the tablets. The paracetamol I was on about. Ya know. Straight after, I felt amazingly sick and dizzy. I was boiling hot and about to puke. My mum asked me straight out if I had taken anything, I didn't have the guts to lie, so I said I'd taken paracetamol. I had to explain everything. The suicides, the saving up, the thoughts, EVERYTHING. So, she called an ambulance after like, 2 hours since I was saying not yet, just wait, see if I feel any better... I didn't feel AT ALL any better, just worse. She rang them. They came. They took me in ambulance to hospital, then I was sick, then I was sick again, then they took my bloods, then I was sick again, I got put in the teenager ward for observation. They came back with the blood results, said it was just below treatment levels, but very high for a normal level. So, kept an eye on me, then I was sick throughout the night, so today, I was told the paracetamol had inflammed my stomach and my liver I think? Which would explain the extreme pain I had/have. So, they did another blood test today, and it came back okay, said to rest, and if my symptons persist, to go back since they said paracetamol is sneaky and can take days to do anything, and it could still be in my system, but since my bloods were okay, they said I can come home. Anyway, also said to drink lots of milk, take it easy, rest up and they gave me some gavisgonic or something, to settle my stomach down and all that. Also, with how much I puked, that probably helped get some of the tablets out.

    I was actually thinking I did something. Because when my friend overdosed, the one who came on here, and he actually did kill himself, he emailed me saying he was in so much pain, and I was in ALOT of pain, so much pain, I could barely breath, so I actually was really scared. So scared, I prayed... for the first time in ... ages. I prayed, saying please let me be okay, please let me live. :dry: Typical of me huh?

    So, there we go. Anyone disappointed? :mellow:
  2. Deathly Strike

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    Sarah, I'm glad you survived, baby.

    After all the advice you've given me and the countless times you've talked me out of suicide, I can't help but be shocked that you even attempted this. I know we're not seeing eye-to-eye right now, but I still care for you. I care for everyone here, and am speechless to read this. If you want to talk further, then message me. I'm here for everyone.
  3. I've attempted many times.

    Only way I can talk to you is if you unblock me.
    I'm under moderation, remember?
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    I can't remember if I did block you or not.

    If I did, I apologise and I shall get on to unblocking you.
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  5. So you just NEVER come online then?
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