So this person's idea of 'getting back at me'...

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    Have to rant about something here I feel is just way fucked up and not mentioning any names. having a three hour long conversation, arguing and pleading about friendship and ALL this fucking bullshit that I'm pulling my fucking ass into to be willing to discuss with this person that I didn't have to talk to ANYWAY and had NO desire to talk to, but what the hell right. He's pretending to reach out and want to have understanding, blah blah shangri la, etc, right. And THIS person just bails out in the middle of the conversation when he thinks he's gotten his vendetta in! When he feels like he's made a hit, he bails, in mid-convo (you know, when people go "thanks" and leave, as if they just made a profound fucking argument that was so fucking good when their stale intentions were known from the beginning in the first place and they really didn't make ANY impact except a waste of time).

    After hours of ALL that bullshit? Fake ass crap ass scumbag. This person had better not EVER fucking talk to me again, with your fake ass and transparent ill intentions. Don't PM me again, don't EVER communicate with me again. This is the terms you want to be on, then I don't have a problem with it. And quite frankly, I'd have just preferred to let your ass sulk. I didn't have to respond to you, PERIOD! That's the thing, I DID out of kindness to give YOU an ear! :hysterical:

    And the fake intention is revealed from the snake in the grass. Oh yes indeed.

    Lord knows I HATE the way people exploit others' attention to them, and it is VERY revealing. I will know to NEVER talk to this person again.
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  2. Domo

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    My brain isn't working. What were their intentions?
  3. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    Domo, it is so incredibly predictable and hilarious, you will literally roll from your chair and gag on your laughter, if I told you. :hysterical:
  4. Perfect Melancholy

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    Unfortunately it sucks when you put your faith in someone, and they have an alterer motive. The best you can do is learn from the experience and hopefully learn to recognise people for what they are before you give them an opportunity to hurt you. At the same time trust is something we all must have, and sometimes we have to learn the hard way-unfortunate as that is.
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    And to make matters even more hysterical, this person defeated his OWN whole argument of "oh give people a chance blah blah additional hippy bullshit" by doing all of the above shit, impulsively! It completely and entirely underscores all the reasons I told to him about how people do the same spiteful shit multiple times over, to the point where their behavior is predictable. And that's exactly what I said and exactly how I knew it to be true, and voila, my intuition does not fail me!
  6. Perfect Melancholy

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    Can I ask a question, and excuse my ignorance I apologise if you have made this point (I am not well so not with it), do you think you should not give people a chance? Because I think that is letting whoever it is win, if you feel like that, does that make sense or am I missing the point?
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    No, I don't think I should give people a chance, and yeah it is letting them "win" in a way, because they got that opportunity that they wanted. When I try, this is what happens. And I've experienced this enough in my life to know better and be able to predict the disappointment down the line. But very seldom I manage to dig up a deep-buried faith in someone if even for a moment (and because it is seldom, I value this leap of faith however small), I always know that at the end, they're liars and traitors, and then it gets buried away again forever. This is why I'm cold-hearted and don't like letting people into my privacy. This is what happens.
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