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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by pisces, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. pisces

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    Hi dont really know what i want to say so may not make much sense ive had a traumatic few years and just when i thought i was begining to get on an even keel again i got a phone call from my brother asking to stay with me and my hubby for a while he's had loads of probs with his wife last 4yrs,to cut a long story short he's kept this to himself and has been planning his suicide ove the last few months and this terrifies me to think he is hurting that much,he wont let me tell anyone else in the family. i'm so tired because i'm up so late just letting him talk and cant believe some of the things he's told me,and then when he does go to bed i'm listening incase anything happens,ive managed to get him to see his gp and he gave me some things to look after for him that he intends to use,naturally i had to get rid of them i'm his sister and cant help him to do this, i want to do anything i can to help him find a way to feel better but i cant help him end things and keeping this from family makes me feel so guilty because if the worst did happen and they knew that i'd known all along how he'd been feeling would they forgive me,but i cant break his trust i know he needs that from me right now,:eek:hmy:
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    Hi Pisces,

    I am myself busy dealing with the aftermath of my own depression, in that both my parents are now extremely depressed (not just because of my depression I know, but still). I now have to listen to them attack each other and say things that i know they don't mean. The depression has them both against the ropes, but I know its my turn to help them and to be there for them.

    In your case, the fact that you got your brother to see the gp is HUGE! Trust me, that's half the battle won already. I can't even mention a psychiatrist, before I get a "HELL NO" type response. As for telling your family, I really do think it depends on his state of mind. If you sense that something is off, then I'd say tell someone, but if he seems to be doing better, it may be better to wait a while to see how he progresses. I don't know. I don't really have any advice for you, but just wanted to say well done for your efforts so far and wish you luck for the future. Your brother is very lucky to have someone like you in his life!

    All the best.

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