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So tired of feeling unwell

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I think the only way for me to get out of this misery is to end it all.

I really hate nausea, and guess what for at least 2 days out of the week this is what I feel. I feel so nauseated today. I went to see a gastro doctor who could not find anything wrong with me and said it is all related to anxiety and to see a psychiatrist.

Can anxiety really make you feel this sick. I feel so down when this happens. I use to love doing things but now it just seems useless. I try and have a good day and when I do I go to bed thinking that I am going to be so sick the next day and this is what happens.

Such a burden to my family, they are sick of me complaining that I feel unwell.

I am truly not doing this for attention and am so wanting it to go away. I just dont get how anxiety can make you feel so sick. Honestly I feel like I have food poisoning but obviously can't have because it keeps coming back.

I am no one special and keep thinking gee how do people with terminal illnesses go on.

Hope this wasn't too long, but truly this has got to me and I just don't want to be sick anymore, honestly is there only one way to get rid of it.


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there are many reasons people feel nauseated hun I hope you go to your GP and get blood test done diabetes can be a reason for nausea low iron inner ear infection ect there may be a medical reason for you feeling ill make sure your doc does all the test okay hugs
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