So Tired of Life

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Stranger in Illinois, Jun 25, 2010.

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  1. I seem to keep screwing up by trusting others and then having them hurt me, or having something BACKFIRE in my face.

    I'm so sick of this life. And please don't tell me about a "loving God".
    There is no loving God. In fact I HATE the Bible God. >:[
    (Not Jesus, mind you, just the Bible God Jesus was not the Son of God).
    If he was so loving, then BULLSHIT wouldn't happen in the World.
    Done with organized religion.
    Why am I here? I did not ask to be born.:sad:

    P.S. In fact, if God were a person and real, I'd ignore him as I am doing now.
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    This might go against a lot of peoples views on here but you do not need to attribute God to a religion. If you feel Gods presence then take comfort in it. You're correct about not picking to be born. If I had an answer for that I'de be well informed. Keep in there and let no one screw you over, you are your own person and remember you didn't pick life but neither did the idiots that hurt you.
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