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So tired(swearing)

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So today is my birthday, it's only 2am, my father wakes up and this is the conversation...

Dad: What are you doing tonight for your birthday?
Me: I'm going out to dinner
Dad: Who you going out to dinner with?
Me: Toby
Dad: Who's Toby? Some dirtbag you met online.
Me: No dad, I've known Toby for two years. You'd know if you asked me about my life once in awhile
Dad: You lying to me about this?
Me: No dad I'm not lying. What am I 12?!

Dad walks off to bed not satisfied apparently. What am I fuckin' 12? HUH. I'm fuckin 27 and I wish to God I could afford to get the fuck out of this house. I wish i had the money to pack my shit and go because I'm tired of him treating me like I'm some unintelligent moron. WHICH I'M NOT!! I'm tired of being looked down upon like I can't make my own damn decisions in life. No wonder I have to fuckin' paste on a fake ass smile around people because it's not like anyone would believe me if I screamed out loud!! I knew my birthday would be shot to hell and this is why I don't celebrate, this is why I hate birthdays, this is why I wish to fuckin' God everyone would just leave me the fuck alone and let me live my life in seclusion. BUT NOOO, Kelly has to be productive in society, Kelly has to be the fuckin bitch of the family, the black sheep, the one that knows nothign and has no fuckin' common sense.



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I know your under a lot of pressure atm. Your dad needs to pull his head in...your an adult for farks sake...you can see whoever you like.

Please know it wont always be this way, good times will come eventually. I know it!

I think your plans to move out are good ones...you really need your own space..

You know im on MSN to talk any time. Heaps of :hug:s
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