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    I just need to let out how I feel, I am so tired all the time. I always feel like lying in bed all day and never want to get up. This is partially because my dreams seem to be my only relief from the guilty feelings I feel constantly and partially because I feel so exhausted all the time for no reason. Everything seems to bore me now, even the things I use to love to do, even being with my girlfriend who I love dearly.

    I just have such a great need for approval from people that I lie to the people who i love so they will still approve. I am suppost to be doing online summer school classes but I have barely done anything at all with them, I am going to fail them. I have done stuff like this in the past and I know that this time when my parents find out they will no longer financially support me. And I know that when my girlfriend finds out that I have dumped my studies again she will leave me...

    With all of this said I feel that the only way to escape this is to commit suicide and make my death look like an accident. I can't believe I just typed that but its true, that how I acutally feel, I feel like a waste of life. The only thing that is stopping me is that I know that it would cause the people that I love great pain but it has almost gotten to the point where I almost don't care anymore. I am just so tired....
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    You need to see a PDOC.. It is depression that is making you so tired all the time..The doc will put you on meds and they will make you feel tired alot, but once you get them in your system then you will level out..You should also get a therapist to teach you how to cope..I think your family and girlfriend will understand why you are failing once they know you are getting help..I wish you all the best..