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so typical

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second day after grandma and grandpa left... and things are back to 'normal'. oh well. at least i can fix lunch in peace and quiet for once. or well... the peace and quiet of dad being a grumpy tightass and mum watching TV full blast.

the both of them complain to me that the other wont listen to what they're trying to say. ummm if they really wanna fix things so bad... then please tell me: why are they ignoring each other again as usual? do they just expect all this crap thats being going on for years and years to just resolve itself overnight?! and when are they gonna realise i aint gonna fix this for them? or do i have to keep saying it over and over again? i'm fucking sick and tired of having to tell them... i'm sick and tired of just existing... surviving to the next day...

i'm SICK and TIRED of dad's bullshitting, SICK AND TIRED of them both saying to me they want it fixed like the expect me to do it... sick and tired of everything!!



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you might be putting too much pressure on yourself to resolve things for them. when was the last time you did something together? a good pub lunch and a beer is a good place to get out of the battlefield of home. I think I know how you feel, parents, ugh, do my head in sometimes
I dont *want* to resolve things for them... ok well I do... but I know I cant and that they have to do it. which is why i get pissed when they expect me to do it. its their shit, their marriage... i'm not saving it for them. in fact i dont know if it *can* be saved even... part of me is being optimistic I guess. It isnt that real of me to expect it'll get better though. Its kinda funny... I tell people it will get better all the time... and yet I dont expect things to be better for me. In a way it works better. then I dont get hurt.
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