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so upset, what can i do?

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White Dove

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okay, i will try to make this as short as i can. my brother who lives next to me has a good paying job, and yet he gets over 400 dollars each week and does not pay any water bill ( he gets well water from my property pumped into his mobile, plus gets jugs of city water from my mobile by a spout outside ) he doesn't pay rent to me, gets to stay free. my land payment is 225 per month that i pay all by myself, well he recently did not pay his light bill which is in my name ( i signed for him to get it on a long time ago, he promised me he would have it put in his name, ) well he did not do that and kept it in my name, well he did not pay it and they cut him off the lights, so what did he do? he run a wire and hooked it up to my meter base then into his mobile into the breaker box. very dangerous but he dont it anyway. now he by doing that made my light bill go up, so what does he say? he tells me he will pay the 60 dollars extra this coming week that my light bill had went up. it is $184 this month, well today comes he did not pay me, says he cant, dont have the money, then they take off only to come back later and his wife tells me he is in jail. he drove on a suspended DL and got stopped, so apperantly she has gone to the jail to pay 80 dollars to get him out.

what can i do? i cant afford these high bills of thje electric, he owes over 350 dollars on the one he had hooked up that is still in my name, did not pay anyuthing on it, plus hooked up to mine making mine go up and i told them to please keep the lights turned off but guess what? every dang light is on inside the trailer right now as i am typing this. i am at my rope and ready to give up. i am so tired of being tooken advantage of, so dang tired of it.. i called vec and they tell me they can not do anything because he is hooked under the meter base and not on top of it!:blink: i cant pay it but i cant get the lights turned off because i have a cpap and an oxygen machine here that has to have lights. i got to pay it and dont know how i am gonna do that. i only get $350 per month i dont even have money for food this month again,

and yet he goes out and gets beer and goes to beer joints, his wife gets weed and smokes it plus he gets hydros then breaks them up and snorts it up his nose while i get stuck with all the bills and i am fed up. i want to just end it, really do. it is too much stress upon me, and i even got yelled at tonight and all i did was ask where chris was and his wife jumped onto me, and i snaped back, then his daughter stated on me.. they just do not realize the stuff i do for them, they are taking me for granted and it has got to stop and without me here it will!


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It may sound simplistic, but explain that you have no money so just stop doing it all. Figure out a way to stop him getting your water, remove the wires from your meter (if you know how to, do not mess about if you are not sure) and then let them see how they cope having to walk on their own two feet.
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