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so upset

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White Dove

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Well i am upset again. Not at myself but at my dads rep payee..

His rep payee is supposed to give him a personal check every 2 weeks of 150 dollars. this is for dads personal stuff like paying for ucarts to take him to doctor, buying his shaving razoers, paying for hair cuts, etc. they send it to a secure post office box and it has come every time but 1 time last year ( or could have been the year before ) he did not get his check and when he called they said it got lost and dad had to wait for about 3 weeks to get his money, thus why we got the secure po box.. well when they said it had gotten lost was around another holiday ( memorial day )

Now get this, i call down there because dad did not receive his check. they tell me that it came back undeliverable from the post office. they tell me that the post office sent it back, so i hang up and call the post office and unknown to his rep payee we have a cousin working at the post office, she tells me it never came, so i call the rep payee back they say it did come back and that they have the little yellow sticker on it as undeliverable. i then tell the guy at the post office well we have a cousin who works there and she is the only one sorting the mail the last few days and it never came.

now he says oh really, well i will remail/forward it back out. this was thursday still no check. usually get it the next day. now before one says the post office probably sent it back, well they could but the thing is, the last time this happened and we finally got the check it did have a yellow sticker on it but it also had a black mark across written words, could not see it as it was marked out but what his rep payee dont know is that i held onto that very envelope and the black faded away after about 6 months and guess the words they had covered up on it said? it said DO NOT MAIL HOLD FOR 2 WEEKS so do i believe them when they say it come back? heck NO!!! I think they did what they did the last time, i think they stole his money and have to wait until their paycheck to pay it back. thus they say the check came back from post office.

now dad has 3 doctors appointments this week one tomorrow at 2;30, one on weed. at 4;30 and 1 on friday at 8;30 a.m. and his ride ucarts that dad pays for he cant contact because he dont have his money. which means i will get fired laying off work so i can take him myself which really ticks me off at them.. anyhow i work voluntary at the cookeville city police and on their alumini association and they ( his rep payee ) don't know that but i can in fact get it investigated and i will. in fact dad is gonna see a lawyer this week about it and they had better have all the dang receits and all cause they are fixing to be in trouble. i have dealt with them nicely before and just let this go on and on and this is enough.

So yeah i am ticked off a bit! because i get so dang mad at how they treat my dad and now after 7 years out of work i am gonna end up unemployed again because of those dang people down there.. anyhow how to get it off my chest

White Dove

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howdy all,

I called down there to the place where he gets his money from and the guy at the office said he would run to the post office and call me back, well i waited till about 11 am then called back and the guy answered and said that he had the check there and that he would reprint it and send it back out, well i told him just let dad come and get it. well to make a long story short the guy taped it to the door because he said he had to leave again. so me and dad go down there to get the check and this guy had taken it out of the orginal envelope and put it in a plain white envelope and stuck it to the door. so dad has his money now :yay: Either he did this dilberatly because he thought someone might steal it or the orginal envelope they claim was returned back by the post office was a lie thus why he did not let us see the orginal envelope they claim came back :sigh: so i guess i just take their word on it for now

But he also is supposed to get another one on the 15th this month. so i figured dad could go open a bank account and have it direct deposit, well dang bank wont open a new account in his name unless he has a photo ID well dad don't drive, so he don't have a DL well we go to the DL office just to get him a photo ID, well dang they want his birth certificate to prove he is who he says he is, so now we gotsa wait until we contact the vital records in indiana to get a copy of his birth certificate just to get a dang photo ID! :sad:

So what i am gonna do is go to the post office that is about 4 miles from my house and get a new p.o. box in dads name only thus no need to put or send it in care of my name and send it to my p.o. box number 20 miles away. so hopfully he will get his check without any problems then we can have it direct deposit when he obtains a photo ID!

Anyhow i went ahead and made an appoinment with a attorney so we have to get see him on tuesday. But anyhow dad finaly got his check. oh and it was dated for 9-2-2011 but they can date it and just hold it and not mail it. anyhow we gonna get the attorney and get some things done once and for all. I myself don't really want to take on the responcablity over dads financial check but on the other hand i don't like seeing him have to do without just because his rep payee says his check came back. so the attorney and a couple of my friends in law enforcement i will have it investigated and if after the investigation they say his check never left cookeville or never was came back then we will proceed with legal action and on the other hand if it turns out the check did return back and they were telling the truth then nothing will be done. post offices can and do make mistakes and it could be their scanner not taking the state right like thinking the t is an i and sending it to indiana but we will find out whjat is going on.

thanks for the reply Mr. Alex and Total Eclipse

White Dove

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Well dang it... i went to the post office that is close to where we live at and the lady there said dad has to have a photo id :sigh: so after getting home i made a call to indiana health department and they have to send us a application, then we fill it out and send it back in so they can send a copy of dad's birth certificate.. so i then tried calling his rep payee once again but got no answer :sigh: so i am hoping he will be in the office when i call tomorrow cause i have to tell him dad can't get a bank account just yet nor another post office box until we get the birth certificate. Dad is suposed to get another check the 15th and if his rep payee was honest then if they send it out it will come back as well and dad won't get it so i am gonna try and call him tomorrow before 12 noon, cause he goes to lunch at 12 noon and ask if dad can come down and get his next check like he did the other day until he gets a bank account set up. hopfully it will be set up for direct deposit before october 1st. and hopfully the dang rep payee will be there. if we can;t get ahold of him then it will be thursday cause they don't take calls on check day which to me is odd!!

anyhow in order to get his bank account we have to wait on this application, fill it out send it back in then wait on his birth certificate, then take the birth certificate to the DL office have a photo id made, then go to a bank to get direct deposit! and to beat it all dad used to have a tennessee DL but had let it expire about 10 years ago, he lost his DL and could not find it ( actually i think it was with my photos of mom that got burnt up in the arson fire ) and i don't see why tennessee cant just pull up his info and see he is who he says he is and give hiom a simple photo id?

anyhow will try and keep updated on this if i can might not post it here out in the open but will by pm to a few friends here only..

so please keep him in your prayers if you pray and believe in God, thanks.

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